The NCP3102 is a high efficiency, 10 A DC-DC buck converter designed to operate from a 5 V to 13.2 V supply. The device is capable of producing an output voltage as low as 0.8 V. The NCP3102 can continuously output 10 A through MOSFET switches driven by an internally set 275 kHz oscillator. The 40-pin device provides an optimal level of integration to reduce size and cost of the power supply. The NCP3102 also incorporates an externally compensated transconductance error amplifier and a capacitor programmable soft-start function. Protection features include programmable short circuit protection and under voltage lockout (UVLO). The NCP3102 is available in a 40-pin QFN package.

* Input Voltage Range from 4.5 V to 13.2 V
* 275 kHz Internal Oscillator
* Greater than 90% Maximum Efficiency
* Boost Pin Operates to 25 V
* Voltage Mode PWM Control
* 0.8 V 1% Internal Reference Voltage
* Adjustable Output Voltage by Resistor Divider
* Capacitor Programmable Soft-Start
* 80% Maximum Duty Cycle
* Input Undervoltage Lockout
* Resistor Programmable Current Limit
* This is a Pb-Free Device

* Servers/Networking
* DSP and FPGA Power Supply
* DC-DC Regulator Modules

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* 2A Output Current
* Up to 92% Efficiency
* Up to 20V Input Range
* 8μA Shutdown Supply Current
* 410kHz Switching Frequency
* Adjustable Output Voltage
* Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit Protection
* Thermal Shutdown Protection
* Frequency Foldback at Short Circuit
* Stability with Wide Range of Capacitors, Including Low ESR Ceramic Capacitors
* SOP-8 Package

* TFT LCD Monitors
* Portable DVDs
* Car-Powered or Battery-Powered Equipments
* Set-Top Boxes
* Telecom Power Supplies
* DSL and Cable Modems and Routers
* Termination Supplies

The ACT4012 is a current-mode step-down DC-DC converter that generates up to 2A output current at 410kHz switching frequency. The device utilizes Active-Semi’s proprietary ISOBCD20 process for operation with input voltage up to 20V.
Consuming only 8μA in shutdown mode, the ACT4012 is highly efficient with peak efficiency at 92% when in operation. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency foldback at short circuit.
The ACT4012 is available in SOP-8 package and requires very few external devices for


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*-25db Non-Adjacent Channel Crosstalk at 1.65Gbps
*Low Signal Loss: -1.5dBg attenuation at 1.65Gbps
*Isolation Ground Between Channels
*Fast Turn-on/off Time (< 6ns)
*1.65Gbps Throughput
*8kV ESD Protection
*Low Skew: Intra-pair <90ps, Inter-pair < 150ps
*Low Power Consumption (1μA Maximum)

*XGA and 720p DVI and HDMI Video Source Selection

The FSHDMI08 is a wide-bandwidth switch designed for routing HDMI link data, clock, and the relevant DDC and CEC control signals that support the data rate up to 1.65Gbps per channel for UXGA resolution. Applications include LCD TVs, DVD, set-top boxes, and notebook designs with multiple digital video interfaces.
This switch allows the passage of HDMI link signals with ultra-low non-adjacent channel crosstalk and ultralow off isolation. This is critical to minimize ghost image between active video sources in video applications. The wide bandwidth of this switch allows the high-speed
differential signal to pass through with minimal additive skew and phase jitter. The pinout supports an HDMI Standard-A connector PCB layout.


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Features and Benefits
▪ 8 to 25 V input range
▪ Integrated DMOS switch
▪ Adjustable fixed off-time
▪ Adjustable output

 The A8697 is a constant off-time current mode step-down regulator with a wide input voltage range. Regulation voltage is set by external resistors, to output voltages as low as 0.8 V.
The A8697 includes an integrated power DMOS switch to reduce the total solution footprint. It also features internal compensation, allowing users to design stable regulators with
minimal design efforts.

 The off-time can be set with an external resistor, allowing flexibility in inductor selection. Additionally, the A8697 has a logic level enable pin which can shut the device down and
put it into a low quiescent current mode for power sensitive applications.

 The A8697 is supplied in a low-profile 8-lead SOIC with exposed pad (package LJ). Applications include:
▪ Applications with 8 to 25 V input
▪ Consumer electronics, networking equipment
▪ 12 V lighter-powered applications (portable DVD, etc.)
▪ Point of Sale (POS) applications


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· Schmitt trigger action on all data inputs
· Output capability: standard
· ICC category: MSI

The 74HC/HCT9015 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC standard no. 7A.

The 74HC/HCT9015 are nine wide Schmitt trigger buffer/line drivers with Schmitt trigger inputs. These inputs transform slowly changing input signals into sharply defined jitter-free output signals. The “9015” is identical to the “9014” but has non-inverting inputs.


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