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  1. 2007/03/26 HPMX-2007 - Vector Modulator / Mixer
• 5 MHz to 4 GHz Overall Operating Frequency Range
• 40-400 MHz LOmod range
• 2.7 - 5.5 V Operation (3 V, 25 mA)
• Differential High Impedance i, q Inputs
• On-Chip Linear RC Phase Shifter
• -23 dBm Modulator S.E. Output Power into 50 W at 150 MHz
• -15 dBm Linear (-11 dBm Saturated) Mixer Output Power into 50 W at 1900 MHz
• Mixer Can Be Used for Up/Down Conversion or Disabled (3 V, 10 mA)
• Standby Mode (<1 mA)
• JEDEC Standard SSOP-16 Surface Mount Package

• NADC, PDC, GSM Handsets and Base Stations
• PCS Handsets and Base Stations
• DLMR Handsets
• CDPD Radios
• ISM Band Wireless Links

General Description
 The HPMX-2007 vector modulator/mixer IC is designed to meet the needs of cellular and
PCS telephone applications. The heart of the IC is a vector (or quadrature) modulator followed
by a Gilbert cell mixer. The modulator and mixer can be used together, drawing only 25 mA from a 3.0 volt supply. The mixer can be disabled by connecting either LOmix or LOmix to VCC, allowing operation of the modulator alone and reducing current drain to only 10 mA.
 The i and q signal inputs are balanced to insure high common mode noise rejection. The output of the mixer is a differential pair of open collectors. One collector can be connected to VCC and the other matched to 50 W using a shunt L, series C network. Alternatively, the output can be matched to 50 W through a 4:1 balun.
 The SSOP-16 package insures that the IC occupies a minimal amount of printed circuit board space. The HPMX-2007 is manufactured using Hewlett-Packard’s 30 GHz ISOSAT-II process which combines stepper lithography, self alignment, ion implantation techniques and gold metallization to produce state-of-the-art RFICs.

HPMX-2007-BLK HPMX-2007-TR1

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