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  1. 2008/04/17 AT97SC3203S - Trusted Platform Module
 The AT97SC3203S is a fully integrated security module designed to be integrated into embedded systems.
It implements version 1.2 of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specification for Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).
The TPM includes a cryptographic accelerator capable of computing a 2048-bit RSA signature in 500 ms and a 1024-bit RSA signature in 100 ms.
Performance of the SHA-1 accelerator is 50 μs per 64-byte block.
In most cases, TCG key generation operations will be completed using a proprietary mechanism in less than 1 msec.
Communication to and from the TPM occurs through a modified 100-kHz SMBus two-wire interface.
The TPM includes a hardware random number generator, including a FIPS-approved Pseudo Random Number Generator, that is used for key generation and TCG protocol functions.
The RNG is also available to the system to generate random numbers that may be needed during normal operation.
The chip uses a dynamic internal memory management scheme to store multiple RSA keys.
Other than the standard TCG commands (TPM_FlushSpecific, TPM_Loadkey2), no system
intervention is required to manage this internal key cache.
This specification includes only mechanical, electrical and SMBus protocol information.

• Full Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Version 1.2 Compatibility
• Single-chip Turnkey Solution
• Hardware Asymmetric Crypto Engine
• 2048-bit RSA® Sign in 500 ms
• AVR® RISC Microprocessor
• Internal EEPROM Storage for RSA Keys
• 100 kHz System Management Bus (SMBus™) Two-wire Interface
• Secure Hardware and Firmware Design and Chip Layout
• True Random Number Generator (RNG) - FIPS 140-2 Compliant
• NV Storage Space for 1280 bytes of user defined data
• 3.3V Supply Voltage
• 28-lead TSSOP Package or 40-lead QFN Package
• 0–70°C Temperature Range

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