The 3D7323 Triple Delay Line product family consists of fixed-delay CMOS integrated circuits. Each package contains three matched, independent delay lines. Delay values can range from 6ns through 6000ns. The input is reproduced at the output without inversion, shifted in time as per the user-specified dash number. The 3D7323 is TTL- and CMOS-compatible, capable of driving ten 74LS-type loads, and features both rising- and falling-edge accuracy.
The all-CMOS 3D7323 integrated circuit has been designed as a reliable, economic alternative to hybrid TTL fixed delay lines. It is offered in a standard 8-pin auto-insertable DIP and a space saving surface mount 8-pin SOIC.

*All-silicon, low-power CMOS technology
*TTL/CMOS compatible inputs and outputs
*Vapor phase, IR and wave solderable
*Auto-insertable (DIP pkg.)
*Low ground bounce noise
*Leading- and trailing-edge accuracy
*Delay range: 6 through 6000ns
*Delay tolerance: 2% or 1.0ns
*Temperature stability: ±3% typ (-40C to 85C)
*Vdd stability: ±1% typical (4.75V to 5.25V)
* Minimum input pulse width: 20% of total delay
*14-pin DIP available as drop-in replacement for hybrid delay lines

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• Welding converters
• Switched Mode Power Supplies
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies
• Motor control

- Low RDSon
- Low input and Miller capacitance
- Low gate charge
- Fast intrinsic diode
- Avalanche energy rated
- Very rugged
• Kelvin source for easy drive
• Very low stray inductance
- Symmetrical design
- Lead frames for power connections
• High level of integration

• Outstanding performance at high frequency operation
• Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package)
• Low junction to case thermal resistance
• Solderable terminals both for power and signal for easy PCB mounting
• Very low (12mm) profile
• Each leg can be easily paralleled to achieve a phase leg of three times the current capability
• Module can be configured as a three phase bridge
• Module can be configured as a boost followed by a full bridge
• RoHS Compliant

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• Wide supply voltage: 1.2 to 3.6 V
• In accordance with JEDEC standard no. 8-1A.
• Inputs accept voltages up to 5.5 V
• CMOS low power consumption
• Direct interface with TTL levels
• Output capability: standard
• ICC category: SSI

The 74LVC27 is a high-performance, low-power, low-voltage Si-gate CMOS device and superior to most advanced CMOS compatible TTL families.
The 74LVC27 provides the 3-input NOR function.


TAG Input, triple

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* Typical bandwidth of 5.5 MHz for an output signal of 60 V (p-p)
* High slew rate of 900 V/ms
* No external components required
* Very simple application
* Single supply voltage of 200 V
* Internal reference voltage of 2.5 V
*  Fixed gain of 50
*  Black-Current Stabilization (BCS) circuit
* Thermal protection.

The TDA6107Q includes three video output amplifiers in one plastic DIL-bent-SIL 9-pin medium power (DBS9MPF) package (SOT111-1), using high-voltage DMOS technology, and is intended to drive the three cathodes of a colour CRT directly. To obtain maximum performance, the amplifier should be used with black-current control.


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