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  1. 2008/12/12 TK11052 - THERMOSTAT IC
The TK11052 is an accurate temperature controller IC for use over the -30 to +105 °C temperature range. The TK11052 monolithic bipolar integrated circuit contains a temperature sensor, stable voltage reference and two comparators, making the device very useful as an on/off thermostat. Two external resistors easily set the sensing temperature threshold and hysteresis of each thermostat. Its wide operating voltage range of 2.7 to 6.0 V makes this IC suitable for a number of applications requiring an accurate thermostat.

*Internal Temperature Sensor, Voltage Reference and Two Comparators with
*Temperature Threshold and Hysteresis Set by Only Two External Resistors
*Output Logic:
- Low to High with Increasing Temp. by OUTPUT1
- High to Low with Increasing Temp. by OUTPUT2
*Very Wide Operating Supply Range (VCC = 2.7 to 6.0 V)
*Miniature Package (SOT23L-8)
*Minimum External Parts Count
*Low Power Consumption
*Very Wide Temperature Range

*Home and Industrial Thermostats
*Home Appliance Temperature Control
*Notebook Computer Temperature Monitor
*Pentium Processor Temperature Monitor
*Power Supply Overtemperature Protection
*Copy Machine Overtemperature Protection
*System Overtemperature Protection


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