PBL 3770A is a bipolar monolithic circuit intended to control and drive the current in one winding of a stepper motor. It is a high power version of PBL 3717 and special care has been taken to optimize the power handling capability without suffering in reliability.
The circuit consists of a LS-TTL compatible logic input stage, a current sensor, a monostable multivibrator and a high power H-bridge output stage. The circuit is pin-compatible with the PBL 3717 industry-standard driver.
Two PBL 3770A and a small number of external components form a complete control and drive unit for LS-TTL or microprocessor-controlled stepper motor systems.

Key Features
• Half-step and full-step operation.
• Switched mode bipolar constant current drive
• Wide range of current control 5 -1800 mA.
• Wide voltage range 10 - 45 V.
• Designed for unstabilized moto supply voltage.
• Current levels can be selected in steps or varied continuously.
• Thermal overload protection.


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 The TMC246 / TMC246A (1) is a dual full bridge driver IC for bipolar stepper motor control
The integrated unique sensorless stall detection (pat. pend.) StallGuard™ makes it a good choice for applications, where a reference point is needed, but where a switch is not desired. Its ability to predict an overload makes the TMC246 an optimum choice for drives, where a high reliability is desired.
The TMC246 is realized in a HVCMOS technology combined with Low-RDS-ON high efficiency MOSFETs (pat. pend.).
It allows to drive a coil current of up to 1500mA even at high environment temperatures.
Its low current consumption and high efficiency together with the miniature package make it a perfect solution for embedded motion control and for battery powered devices.
Internal DACs allow microstepping as well as smart current control.
The device can be controlled by a serial interface (SPI™i) or by analog / digital input signals. Short circuit, temperature, undervoltage and overvoltage protection are integrated.

• Sensorless stall detection StallGuard™ and load measurement integrated
• Control via SPI with easy-to-use 12 bit protocol or external analog / digital signals
• Short circuit, overvoltage and overtemperature protection integrated
• Status flags for overcurrent, open load, over temperature, temperature pre-warning, undervoltage
• Integrated 4 bit DACs allow up to 16 times microstepping via SPI, any resolution via analog control
• Mixed decay feature for smooth motor operation
• Slope control user programmable to reduce electromagnetic emissions
• Chopper frequency programmable via a single capacitor or external clock
• Current control allows cool motor and driver operation
• 7V to 34V motor supply voltage (A-type)
• Up to 1500mA output current and more than 800mA at 105°C
• 3.3V or 5V operation for digital part
• Low power dissipation via low RDS-ON power stage
• Standby and shutdown mode available


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