TSSP4400 is a high intensity infrared emitting diode in GaAlAs on GaAs technology, molded in a clear, blue - grey tinted plastic package with spherical side view lens.
The device is spectrally matched to silicon photodiodes and phototransistors.

*  High radiant power and high radiant intensity
*  Suitable for high pulse current operation
*  Low forward voltage
*  Angle of half intensity j = ± 22*
*  Peak wavelength * p = 925 nm
*  High reliability

High power infrared emitter in light curtains, light barriers, transmissive or reflective sensors in combination with PIN photodiodes or phototransistors.
Infrared remote control and free air transmission systems for long transmission distance and medium wide angle requirements in combination with PIN photo diodes or photo modules.
Suitable as replacement of CQX47.

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