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  1. 2008/05/21 XM1003-BD - 32.0-42.0 GHz GaAs MMIC Image Reject Mixer
General Description
 Mimix Broadband’s 32.0-42.0 GHz GaAs MMIC sub-harmonic image reject mixer can be used as an upor down-converter.
The device has a conversion loss of 9.0 dB with 18.0 dB image rejection across the band.
I and Q mixer outputs are provided and an external 90 degree hybrid is required to select the desired sideband.
This MMIC uses Mimix Broadband’s 2 μm GaAs HBT device model technology, and is based upon electron beam lithography to ensure high repeatability and uniformity.
The chip has surface passivation to protect and provide a rugged part with backside via holes and gold metallization to allow either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process. This device is well suited for Millimeter-wave Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

* Sub-harmonic Image Reject Mixer
* GaAs HBT Technology
* 9.0 dB Conversion Loss
* 18.0 dB Image Rejection
* 100% On-Wafer RF Testing
* 100% Visual Inspection to MIL-STD-883
* Method 2010


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