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  1. 2008/05/27 SLRC400 - I·CODE Reader IC

General Description
The SL RC400 is member of a new family of highly integrated reader ICs for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz.
This new reader IC family utilises an outstanding modulation and demodulation concept completely integrated for all kinds of passive contactless communication methods and protocols at 13.56 MHz.
The SL RC400 supports all layers of I*CODE1 and ISO 15693.
The internal transmitter part is able to drive an antenna designed for proximity operating distance (up to 100 mm) directly without additional active circuitry.
The receiver part provides a robust and efficient implementation of a demodulation and decoding circuitry for signals from I*CODE1 and ISO 15693 compatible transponders.
The digital part handles I*CODE1 and ISO 15693 framing and error detection (CRC).
A comfortable parallel interface which can be directly connected to any 8-bit μ-Processor gives high flexibility for the reader/terminal design.

* Highly integrated analog circuitry to demodulate and decode label response
* Buffered output drivers to connect an antenna with minimum number of external components
* Proximity operating distance (up to 100 mm)
* Supports I*CODE1 and ISO 15693
* Parallel μ-Processor interface with internal address latch and IRQ line
* Flexible interrupt handling
* Automatic detection of parallel μC interface type
* Comfortable 64 byte send and receive FIFO-buffer
* Hard reset with low power function
* Power down mode per software
* Programmable timer
* Unique serial number
* User programmable start-up configuration
* Bit- and byte-oriented framing
* Independent power supply pins for digital, analog and transmitter part
* Internal oscillator buffer to connect 13.56 MHz quartz, optimised for low phase jitter
* Clock frequency filtering
* 3.3 V operation for transmitter (antenna driver) in short range applications


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