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  1. 2009/02/26 VKQ100MS3V3 - 100 WATT, 3.3VOUT, QUARTER BRICK DC/DC CONVERTER
The VKQ100MS3V3 DC/DC converter presents an economical and practical solution for distributed power system architectures which require high power density and efficiency while
maintaining system modularity and upgradeability. With the ability to operate over a wide input voltage range of 36 to 75 Vdc, this module is ideal for telecommunications and battery backup
applications where input flexibility must be combined with output voltage regulation. In addition, the output is fully isolated from the input, allowing for a variety of polarity and grounding configurations.
Innovative circuit design using surface mount components results in a compact, efficient and reliable solution to DC/DC conversion needs. Internal power dissipation is minimized by the VKQ100MS3V3’s high efficiency and is aided by a metal baseplate to which all heat dissipative elements are coupled.
The control circuitry of the VKQ100MS3V3 has been designed to provide overvoltage protection as well as current limiting for continuous shortcircuit protection. The VKQ100MS3V3 is operation specified from rated load to zero load.

*36 - 75V Input Range
*Small Size: 1.5" x 2.3" x .50"
*High Efficiency: 84%
*Fixed Frequency Operation 480kHz
*Primary Remote On/Off
*Adjustable Output Voltage
*Brick Wall Current Limiting
*On Board Input Differential Filter
*No Minimum Load Requirement
*Remote Sense
*No Heatsink Required
*No External Components Required
*Safety per UL/CUL 60950, EN 60950, Operational Insulation Meets TNV-SELV Isolation Requirements

*Distributed Power Architectures
*Battery Powered Systems

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