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  1. 2008/04/15 VT1616 - 6-Channel AC97 Codec with S/PDIF
 VIA Technologies’ VT1616™ 20-bit ∑Δ audio codec conforms to the AC’97 2.2 and S/PDIF Output specifications.
The VT1616 integrates Sample Rate Converters on all channels andcan be adjusted in 1Hz increments.
There is a provision in hardware for down-mixing the 6 channels into stereo when only two endpoints are available.
The analog mixer circuitry integrates a stereo enhancement to provide a pleasing 3D surround
sound effect for stereo media.
This codec is designed with aggressive power management to achieve low power consumption.
When usedwith a 3.3V analog supply, power consumption is further reduced.
The primary applications for this part are desktop and portable personal computers multimedia subsystems. However, it is suitable for any system requiring 6-channel audio output for home theater systems at competitive prices.

• AC’97 2.2 compliant codec
• 20-bit, stereo ADC and6-channel stereo DACs
• 1 Hz resolution VSR on all channels
• IntegratedIEC958 line driver for S/PDIF output
• S/PDIF compressed digital or LPCM audio out
• Hardware downmix option to 2 channels
• ADC DC removal for removing recording white noise
• 4-bit 3D stereo expansion for simulatedsurround
• 4 stereo, 2 mono analog line-level inputs
• Secondline-level output with volume control
• External Audio Amplifier Control
• Low Power consumption mode
• Exceeds Microsoft® WHQL logo requirements
• 3.3V digital, 3.3 or 5V analog power supply
• 48-pin LQFP small footprint package

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