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  1. 2009/04/18 AM336 - IC FOR OPTO DETECTOR
  2. 2007/09/17 ITR20001-T - Opto Interrupter
The AM 336 is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuit designed for optical detection applications.
By adding an external photodiode, an IR LED, two PNP power transistors and a minimum of other parts, the AM 336 will be a complete optoelectronic interface (proximity and barrier) for a reflective optical proximity switch or for a light barrier with external synchronisation.

*2 Operation Modes (Proximity and Barrier)
*External Synchronisation in the Barrier Mode
*Ambient Light Rejection
*Adjustable Threshold and Hysteresis
*Normally Open and Normally Closed Outputs
*Driver for PNP Output Transistors with Short Circuit Protection
*LED Output 8 mA (Source and Sink)
*Adjustable Detection Distance and Hysteresis
*Dirt Indication in the Barrier Mode
*Internal Zener Diode for Voltage Stabilisation (optional)
*Maximum Supply Voltage only Depending on External Elements

*Miniaturised One Way Light Barrier
*Miniaturised Reflection Light Barrier
*Frame Light Barrier

AM336-1, AM336-2
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*Fast response time
*High analytic
*High sensitivity
*Cut-off visible wavelength λP=940nm
*Pb Free
*This product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.

The ITR20001/T consist of an infrared emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor, encased side-by-side on converging optical axis in a black thermoplastic housing. The phototransistor receives radiation from the IR only . This is the normal situation. But when an reflecting object close to ITR , phototransistor receives the reflecting radiation .
For additional component information, please refer to IR2424-3C and PT2424-6B.

*Mouse Copier
*Switch Scanner
*Floppy disk driver
*Non-contact Switching
*For Direct Board


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