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  1. 2008/03/27 CPC1580 - Optically Isolated Gate Drive Circuit
The CPC1580 optical gate driver provides isolated control of a discrete power MOSFET transistor without the need of an external power supply.
Control of the power MOSFET transistor is accomplished by the application of sufficient input LED current to activate the driver circuitry.
On the load side, an external storage capacitor and an internal bootstrap diode enable the internal photovoltaic and gate driver circuitry to provide fast output switching characteristics by supplying the charge necessary to satisfy the MOSFET’s bias requirements.
Provided in a small 8-pin package, the CPC1580 provides 3750Vrms of input-to-output isolation.

• Drives External Power MOSFET
• Low LED Current (2.5mA)
• Requires No External Power Supply
• Load Voltages up to 65V
• High Reliability
• Small 8-pin Surface Mount Package
• 3750Vrms Input/Output Isolation

• Industrial Controls
• Instrumentation
• Medical Equipment Isolation
• Electronic Switching
• I/O Subsystems
• Appliances


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