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  1. 2008/06/03 C2472 - RDFC Controllers for Offline Applications

The C2472, C2473 and C2474 controllers use CamSemi’s Resonant Discontinuous Forward Converter (RDFC) topology to create a high efficiency, low cost alternative to line-frequency transformer PSUs.
By operating in resonant mode, EMI is greatly reduced, enabling the replacement of linear PSUs in demanding applications such as audio products and cordless phone chargers.
The C2472, C2473 and C2474 controllers also offer overload protection which is usually associated with more expensive switch mode solutions.

* Highly integrated CMOS controller IC
* Low cost package options
* Drive suitable for low cost bipolar power transistors
* Resonant switching for high efficiency and low EMI
* Frequency optimised for power circuit parasitics
* Protection against overload, over-temperature and under-voltage

External AC/DC charger/adaptor (single voltage input) e.g. cordless phones, portable electric tools.
Embedded PSU (single voltage input) e.g. set-top boxes, DVD players, audio products, domestic appliances.

* Low system component count
* High average efficiency
* Low standby power consumption
* EMI compliance without extra components
* High isolation & surge voltage withstand
* High power density in very small size


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