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  1. 2008/07/16 CS5542 - 22-Bit, Multi-Channel DS ADC Chip Set
The CS5542 / CS5543 chip set is designed to be a complete current measurement data acquisition system.
The CS5542 is a 22-Bit, 2-channel, 5th-order delta sigma modulator.
The CS5543 is a monolithic CMOS, 8-channel digital FIR filter designed to be used with up to
four CS5542’s forming an 8-channel system.
The complete system is capable of cascading up to 1024 channels.
The system supports 22-bit measurement resolution with output conversion rates up to 1 kHz per channel.
JTAG boundary-scan capability is available to facilitate self-test at the system level.
Potential applications for the CS5542/CS5543 system are environmental monitoring, process control systems, color sensing, light measurement, chemical analyzers and photo-diode transducer applications.

* lDelta-Sigma Architecture:
- 5th Order Modulator
- 22-Bit Resolution
* dc Accuracy (fBW = 250Hz):
- Integral Linearity: ±0.001 % F.S.
- Differential Linearity: ±0.5 LSBs
- RMS Noise: 1.1 pARMS
* Pin Selectable Input Range:
- ±400 nA to ±2.5 μA Full Scale
* 8-Channel Digital FIR Filter
* Self-calibration of Offset and Gain
* Low Power: 50 mW /ch for 8-ch system


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