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  1. 2009/03/06 GF9103 - Over-Sampling Color Space Converter for Video Monitoring
The GF9103 is specifically designed to simplify conversions from 4:2:2 component digital video to analog RGB or analog YCBCR component video. The GF9103 simplifies this process by performing 4:2:2 to 8:8:8 interpolation, digital color space conversion and digital SIN X/X correction in a single device. Immediately following the GF9103, three over-sampled channels of RGB or YCBCR data may be passed through Digital to Analog converters and simplified analog reconstruction filters.
The GF9103 accepts a single 10 bit stream of 4:2:2 data and internally de-multiplexes it into three 10 bit channels of YCBCR data. The YCBCR data is then passed through three linear phase FIR filters that over-sample the Y data by a factor of 2 and the CB and CR data by a factor of 4.
While operating in an over-sampled RGB output mode, the interpolated YCBCR data is passed through the internal color space converter to convert the YCBCR data to RGB data according to CCIR-601. Alternatively, the color space converter may be bypassed to obtain over-sampled YCBCR (8:8:8) output data. While operating in YCBCR output mode, setup may be dynamically inserted into the Luminance channel.
Prior to output rounding, over-sampled YCBCR or RGB data may be corrected for SIN X/X characteristics of D/A conversion. Output data may be rounded to 10 or 8 bit resolution per channel. CB and CR may be presented as signed or unsigned data.
The GF9103 is packaged in a 68 pin PLCC package, operates with a single +5 V power supply and typically consumes only 85 mA of current when operated at 27 MHz.

*4:2:2 to over-sampled RGB or YCBCR conversion in a single device
*single 10 bit 4:2:2 input
*internal 4:2:2 de-multiplexer
*4:2:2 to 8:8:8 interpolation filters
*internal YCBCR to RGB color space conversion
*optional YCBCR (8:8:8) output mode
*setup insertion in Luminance channel under user control
*user selectable digital SIN X/X correction
*rounding to 10/8 bit resolution per output channel
*40 MHz maximum clock rate
*single +5 V power supply

*Over-Sampling 4:2:2 to Analog RGB Conversions for video monitoring
*Over-Sampling 4:2:2 to Analog YCBCR Conversions for video monitoring

GF9103-CPS, GF9103-CTS

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