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  1. 2007/09/08 UPD121A10 - 2-POWER SUPPLY INPUT METHOD 1.0 V/2.0 A REGULATOR
μ PD121A10 is the CMOS regulator which can output 2.0 A current. This regulator is suitable for power supply for 1.0V ASIC core, for example our companies’ CB-90 (90 nm process LSI) etc. The dropout voltage is made small (0.7 V MAX. (IO = 1.0 A) by dividing bias voltage (VDD) from input voltage (VIN). Therefore this product can output under the conditions, VIN ≥ 1.62 V (VDD ≥ 4.0 V). Output voltage can be adjustable between 0.95 and 1.15 V.

• Output Current: 2.0 A
• Output Voltage: 0.95 to 1.15 V
• Bias Voltage: 4.0 to 5.5 V
• Reference Voltage Tolerance: VREF ± 10 mV (TJ = 25°C)
• Low Dropout Voltage: VDIF = 0.7 V MAX. (IO = 1.0 A)
• On-chip over-current protection circuit
• On-chip thermal shut down circuit

This regulator is suitable for low power supply voltage IC, for example core of CB-90 (90 nm process LSI) etc.


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