The CCD191 is a 6000 element line image sensor designed for scanning applications which require very high resolution, high sensitivity and very wide dynamic range.
Incorporation of on-chip anti-blooming and integration controls allow the CCD191 to be extremely useful in industrial measurement and control environments, or in environments where lighting conditions are difficult to control.
The CCD191 is a third generation device having an overall improved performance compared with first and second generation devices, including enhanced blue response and excellent low light level performance. The photoelement size is 10μm (0.39 mils) x 10μm (0.39 mils) on 10μm (0.39 mils) centers. The device is manufactured using Fairchild Imaging’s advanced chargecoupled device n-channel isoplanar buried-channel technology.

*6000 x 1 photosite array
*10 μm x 10μm photosites on 10μm pitch
*Anti-blooming and integration control
*Enhanced spectral response (particularly in the blue region)
*Excellent low-light-level performance
*Low dark signal
*Very high responsivity
*High speed operation
*Dynamic range typical: 15000:1
*Over 3 V peak-to-peak outputs
*Special selection available - consult factory
*AR coated window

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The APE8953 is a 3A ultra low dropout linear regulator.
The product is specifically designed to provide well supply voltage for front side bus termination on motherboard and NB applications. The IC needs two supply voltages, a voltage for the circuitry and a main supply voltage for power conversion to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout. The APE8953 integrates many functions. A Power-on-Reset(POR) circuit monitors both supply voltage to prevent wrong operations. A thermal shutdown and current limit functions protect the device against thermal and current over-load. A POK indicates the output status with time delay which is set internally. It can control other converter for power sequence. The APE8953 can be enabled by other power system. Pulling and holding
the EN pin below 0.4V shuts off the output.
The APE8953 is available in ESOP-8 package which features small size as SO-8 and exposed pad to reduce the junction-to-case resistance, being applicable in 2~3W applications.

*Ultra Low Dropout Voltage 250mV at 3A Output Current
*Low ESR Output Capacitor (MLCC) Applicable
*0.8V Reference Voltage
*Fast Transient Response
*Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Adjustable Output Voltage by External Resistors
*Power-on-Reset Monitoring on Both VCNTL and VIN Pins
*Under Voltage Protection
*Power OK Output with a Delay Time
*Internal Soft-Start
*SOP-8 with Exposed Pad Package
*RoHS Compliant & Halogen Free

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 AN34001A is a nine-output power supply IC, consisting of five linear regulator (one adjustable) and four voltage followers.
Seven ofthe outputs are controlled by three control switches.

* Thermal protection circuit.
* Short circuit protection circuit
* Over voltage protection circuit
* Operating supply voltage range: 6.6 V to 18.0 V (13.2 V typical)
* High maximum operating voltage: 26 V

* Voltage supply for car audio system

* 16 pin plastic zigzag inline package with heat sink (ZIP type)

* Silicon monolithic bipolar IC

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The ACT3704 is a complete linear charging solution for single cell Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries.
It incorporates an internal 12V power MOSFET for Constant-Current, Constant-Voltage control
The battery regulation voltage accuracy is ± 0.5% and can be set to either 4.1V or 4.2V.
The charge current is programmed with an external resistor to a maximum of 1A to minimize total charge time.
The reverse leakage current from the battery is less than 1μA if the input adaptor is disconnected or if there is a reverse battery connection.
The ACT3704 is available in thermally-enhanced SOP-8/EP, and TDFN33-8 packages to accommodate high charge current operation and minimize total charging time.

• Internal High Voltage MOSFET
• Up to 12V Input Voltage
• ±0.5% Output Voltage Accuracy
• Charge Current Thermal Foldback
• Programmable Termination Voltage
• Programmable Fast Charge Current
• Programmable Charging Timer
• No Blocking Diode Required
• Low Reverse Leakage
• Preconditioning for Deeply Depleted Battery
• Low Quiescent Current Standby Mode
• Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced SOP- 8/EP, TDFN33-8

• Mobile Phone
• Wireless Headsets
• Portable Media Players
• Cradle Chargers
• Portable Devices


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The SGM2022 is a dual, low-power, low-dropout, CMOS linear voltage regulators.
It operates from a 2.5V to 4.5V input and delivers up to 150mA at each channel.
The SGM2022 is the perfect choice for low voltage, low power and RF applications.
A low ground current 160μA (both LDO’s enabled and active) makes this part attractive for battery operated power systems.
The SGM2022 also offers low dropout voltage (135mV at 150mA output) to prolong battery life in portable electronics.
Separate enable pins control each individual LDO output.
The EN function allows the output of each regulator to be turned off independently, resulting in greatly reduced power consumption.
Other features include a 10nA logic-controlled shutdown mode, foldback current limit and thermal shut- down protection.

- Highly Accurate: 2%
- Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage: 135mV at 150mA output
- Low 160μA No-Load Supply Current
- Low 300μA Operating Supply Current at 150mA Output
- Thermal-Overload Protection
- Output Current Limit
- 10nA Logic-Controlled Shutdown
- Operating Temperature Range : -40℃ to 85℃
- Small Package

Cellular Telephones
Cordless Telephones
PCS Telephones
MP3 Player
Hand-Held Instruments
Palmtop Computers
Wireless LAN
Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment


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Features and Benefits
· Small Plastic Package (SOT-23, 4-SIP-VA, TO-92)
· Quad Switched Hall Plate / Chopper Stabilized Amplifier
· Ratiometric Output for A/D Interface
· Low Quiescent Voltage Thermal Drift

· Linear Position Sensing
· Rotary Position Sensing
· Current Sensing

The MLX90242 is a CMOS Linear Hall Effect sensor IC. It possesses active error correction
circuitry which virtually eliminates the offset errors normally associated with analog Hall
Effect devices.
The ratiometric output voltage is proportional to the supply voltage. When using the supply
voltage as a reference for an A/D converter, fluctuations of +10% in supply voltage will not
affect accuracy. For a positive slope, the voltage at the output will increase as a South magnetic field is applied to the branded face of the MLX90242. Conversely, the voltage output will decrease in the presence of a North magnetic field. For a negative slope, the voltage at the
output will increase as a North magnetic field is applied to the branded face of the MLX90242.
Conversely, the voltage output will decrease in the presence of a South magnetic field.


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* ±6% current accuracy @ 4.0 -15V
* 90V standoff voltage
* Separate enable pins for each channel PWM dimming
* Over-temperature protection
* 8-Lead SOIC (w/Heat Slug) package

* LCD backlighting
* Indicator lamps

General Description
The CL330 is designed to drive 3 strings of LEDs at a constant current of 30mA. Other drivers with currents in the range of 20 - 30mA are available. The drive current is fi xed, with a ±6% tolerance over a VOUT range of 4 - 15V.
Separate enable pins for each channel allow for PWM dimming, 3-step linear dimming, or individual disconnection of faulty LED strings.
Over-temperature protection circuitry shuts down all 3 channels when the nominal die temperature reaches 135°C.
Normal operation resumes when the die temperature drops by 30°C.
The CL330 is available in the 8-Lead SOIC (w/Heat Slug) package and requires a single ceramic bypass capacitor which may be shared among several drivers.
TAG Driver, led, linear

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The MAS9090 is a high performance low power PCM CODEC and filter device tailored to implement the audio front-end functions required by the low voltage/low power consumption digital terminals.

·  Single 2.7-3.6 V or 4.5-5.5 V supply selectable
·  -30°C to 85°C temperature operation range
·  11 mW operating power (typ. at 2.7V)
·  15 mW operating power (typ. at 3.0V)
·  27 mW operating power (typ. at 3.6V)
·  38 mW operating power (typ. at 5.0V)
·  Digital bandpass filters
· ±0.5 dB absolute gain accuracy (untrimmed)
·  28-pin SO and 44-pin TQFP packages
·  Pin compatible with ST5090 and ST5092

·  GSM digital cellular telephones
·  Battery operated audio front-ends for DSPs
·  ISDN Terminals
·  CT2 and DECT digital cordless telephones


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General Description
The MAX5494–MAX5499 10-bit (1024-tap), dual, nonvolatile, linear-taper, programmable voltage-dividers and variable resistors perform the function of a mechanical potentiometer, but replace the mechanics with a 3-wire SPI™-compatible serial interface. The MAX5494/MAX5495 are dual, 3-terminal, programmable voltage-dividers; the MAX5496/MAX5497 are dual, 2-terminal variable resistors; and the MAX5498/ MAX5499 include one 2-terminal variable resistor and
one 3-terminal programmable voltage-divider.
The MAX5494–MAX5499 feature an internal, nonvolatile, electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) that stores the wiper position for initialization during power-up. The 3-wire SPI-compatible serial interface allows communication at data rates up to 7MHz.
The MAX5494–MAX5499 are ideal for applications requiring digitally controlled potentiometers. End-to-end resistance values of 10kΩ and 50kΩ are available with a 35ppm/°C end-to-end temperature coefficient. The ratiometric temperature coefficient is 5ppm/°C for each channel,
making these devices ideal for applications requiring low-temperature-coefficient programmable voltagedividers such as low-drift, programmable-gain amplifiers.
The MAX5494–MAX5499 operate with either a single power supply (+2.7V to +5.25V) or dual power supplies (±2.5V). The devices consume 400μA (max) of supply current when writing data to the nonvolatile memory and 1.5μA (max) of standby supply current. The devices are available in space-saving (5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm), 16-pin TQFN package and are specified over
the extended (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range.

Gain and Offset Adjustment
LCD Contrast Adjustment
Pressure Sensors
Low-Drift Programmable-Gain Amplifiers
Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement
Volume Control

* Wiper Position Stored in Nonvolatile Memory and Recalled Upon Power-Up
* 16-Pin, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm TQFN Package
* 35ppm/°C End-to-End Resistance Temperature Coefficient
* 5ppm/°C Ratiometric Temperature Coefficient
* 10kΩ and 50kΩ End-to-End Resistor Values
* 3-Wire SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
* Reliability (TA = +85°C) 50,000 Wiper Store Cycles 50 Years Wiper Data Retention
* 1.5μA (max) Standby Current
* Single +2.7V to +5.25V Supply Operation
* Dual ±2.5V Supply Operation


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The NTE986 is a monolithic silicon integrated circuit in a 24−Lead DIP type package that performs
the complete chroma processor and demodulating functions for color TV. This simple chip contains
all the features of the NTE797 chroma processor and the NTE1176 chroma demodulator.

* Phase Locked Subcarrier Regeneration Utilizing Sample and Hold Techniques.
* All Chroma Processing and Demodulating Circuitry on a Single Chip
* Supplementary ACC with Overload Detector to Prevent Over Saturation of the Picture Tube
* Linear DC Controls for Chroma Gain and Tint
* Dynamic “Flesh Correction” − Corrects Green and Purple Flesh Colors Without Affecting Primary Colors.
* Balanced Chroma Demodulators with Low Output Impedance for Direct Coupling
* Internal RF Filtering
* Requires Few External Components
* Low System Dissipation − 0.5W Nominal

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