GM1117 of positive adjustable and fixed regulators is designed to provide 1.0A output with low dropout voltage performance. On-chip trimming adjusts the reference voltage to 1%. For usage on working in post regulators or microprocessor power supplies, low voltage operation and fast transient response are required.
Pin-to-pin compatible with the LT1086 family of regulators, GM1117 is available in surface-mount SOT-223 and TO-252 packages.

*Adjustable or Fixed Output
*Output Current of 1.0A
*Dropout Voltage (Typical) 1.15V @ 1.0A
*Line Regulation 0.2% max.
*Load Regulation 0.4% max.
*Fast Transient Response
*Current Limit Protection
*Thermal Shutdown Protection

*High Efficiency Linear Regulators
*Post Regulators for Switching Supplies
*Microprocessor Supply
*Hard Drive Controllers
*Battery Chargers
*Adjustable Power Supply

GM1117-ATC3T, GM1117-ATC3R, GM1117-AST3T, GM1117-AST3R

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The XC6801 series is a constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger IC for single cell lithium-ion batteries. The XC6801 includes a reference voltage source, battery voltage monitor, driver transistor, constant-current/constant-voltage charge circuit, overheat protection circuit and phase compensation circuit. The battery charge termination voltage is internally set to 4.2V ±0.7% and the trickle charge voltage and accuracy is 2.9V ±3%. In trickle charge mode, a safe battery charge is possible because approximately only 1/10 of the full charge current is supplied to the battery. As it is possible to select a highly accurate charge current of either 100mA (MAX.) for L level input to the LIM pin or 500mA (MAX.) for H level, the series is ideal for applications where the charge is from USB. The series’ charge status output pin, /CHG pin, is capable of checking the IC’s charging state via connection to an external LED.

*Operating Voltage Range : 4.25V ~ 6.0V
*Charge Current(externally set) : 100mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=L, 500mA (MAX.) @ LIM pin=H
*Charge Termination Voltage : 4.2V ±0.7%
*Trickle Charge Voltage : 2.9V ±3%
*Supply Current (Stand-by) : 12μA (TYP.)
*Packages : SOT-89-5, SOT-25, USP-6C
*Constant-current/constant-voltage operation
*with thermal shutdown
*Automatic recharge
*Charge status output pin
*Soft-start function (Inrush limit current)

*USB charge applications
*Charging docks, charging cradles
*MP3 players, portable audio players
*Cellular phones, PDAs
*Bluetooth headsets

XC6801A421PR-G, XC6801A421MR-G, XC6801A421ER-G
TAG charger, ic, linear

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The EP1117 is a low dropout three-terminal adjustable or fixed-voltage regulator with 1A output current capability. The EP1117 is available in an adjustable version, with output ranging from 1.25V to 10.7V and fixed output voltages of 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5.0V. Dropout voltage is guaranteed at a maximum of 1.3V at 1A. On-chip thermal limiting provides protection against any combination of overload that would create excessive junction temperatures. The EP1117 is available in the industry standard 3-pin the low profile surface mount SOT-223 and TO-252 power packages.

*Guaranteed Output Voltage Accuracy within 2%
*Fast Transient Response
*Load Regulation: 0.1% Typ.
*Line Regulation: 0.03% Typ.
*Low Dropout Voltage: 1.1V Typ. at IOUT =1A
*On-chip Thermal Limiting: 150°C Typ.
*Adjustable Output: 1.25~10.7V
*Standard 3-pin SOT-223 and TO252 Power Packages

*PC peripheral
*Low Voltage Logic Supplies
*Post Regulator for Switching Power Supply

EP1117-F18R, EP1117-D18R, EP1117-F25R, EP1117-D25R

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The AIC1737 is a 3-pin low dropout linear regulator. The superior characteristics of the AIC1737 include zero base current loss, very low dropout voltage, and 2% accuracy output voltage. Typical ground current remains approximately 55 μA, from no load to maximum loading conditions. Dropout voltage is exceptionally low. Output current limiting and thermal limiting are built in to provide maximal protection to the AIC1737 against fault conditions.
The AIC1737 comes in the popular 3-pin SOT-89 packages.

*Low Dropout Voltage of 180mV at 100mA Output Current (3.0V Output Version).
*Guaranteed 300mA Output Current.
*Internal 1.3Ω P-MOSFET Draws no Base Current.
*Low Ground Current at 55μA.
*2% Accuracy Output Voltage of 1.8V/ 2.0V/ 2.5V/ 2.7V/ 3.0V.
*Input Voltage Range up to 12V.
*Needs only 1μF for Stability.
*Current and Thermal Limiting.

*Voltage Regulator for CD-ROM Drivers.
*Voltage Regulator for LAN Cards.
*Voltage Regulator for Microprocessor.
*Wireless Communication Systems.
*Battery Powered Systems.

AIC1737-18CX, AIC1737-20CX, AIC1737-25CX, AIC1737-27CX, AIC1737-30CX

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The AWT6388R is a high power, high efficiency amplifier module for CDMA450 wireless applications. The device is manufactured on an advanced InGaP HBT MMIC technology offering state-of-the-art reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness. A low power quiescent current mode is digitally controlled to reduce power drain on the system battery. The 4 mm x 4 mm x 1 mm laminate package is self contained, incorporating 50 Ω input and output matching networks optimized for output power, linearity, and efficiency.

*InGaP HBT Technology
*High Efficiency: 38% CDMA
*Low Receive Band Noise (NRX) -134 dBm/Hz
*Small Foot Print (4 mm x 4 mm)
*50 Ω Input and Output Matching
*Shut Down and Mode Control
*CDMA 2000 1XRTT Compliant
*VREF = +2.85 V
*RoHS Compliant Package, 250 oC MSL-3

*CDMA/EVDO 450 MHz Wireless Handsets and Data Devices

AWT6388RM20P8, AWT6388RM20P9

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The APE8805 series are low dropout, positive linear regulators with very low quiescent current. The APE8805 can supply 600mA output current with a low dropout voltage at about 600mV. The APE8805 regulator is able to operate with output capacitors as small as 1μF for stability. Other than the current limit protection APE8805 also offers on chip thermal shutdown feature providing protection against overload or any condition when the ambient temperature exceeds the junction temperature.
The APE8805 series are available in fixed output voltage ranging from 1.8 volt , 2.5 volt and 3.3 volt. The APE8805 series are available in space-saving SOT-23, SOT-89, and SOT-223 packages.

*Low Dropout Voltage of 600mV at 600mA
*Guaranteed 600mA Output Current
*Very Low Quiescent Current at about 30uA
*Max. ± 2%Output Accuracy
*Needs Only 1μF Capacitor for Stability
*Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Current Limit Protection
*Low-ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability
*RoHS Compliant

*Wireless Devices
*LCD Modules
*Battery Power Systems
*Card Readers
*XDSL Routers

APE8805N-18, APE8805G-18, APE8805GR-18, APE8805K-18, APE8805N-25

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The APE8955 is a 5A ultra low dropout linear regulator. The product is specifically designed to provide well supply voltage for front side bus termination on motherboard and NB applications. The IC needs two supply voltages, a voltage for the circuitry and a main supply voltage for power conversion, to reduce power dissipation and provide extremely low dropout. The APE8955 integrates many functions. A Power-on-Reset(POR) circuit monitors both supply voltage to prevent wrong operations. A thermal shutdown and current limit functions protect the device against thermal and current over-load. A POK indicates the output status with time delay which is set internally. It can control other converter for power sequence. The APE8955
can be enabled by other power system. Pulling and holding the EN pin below 0.4V shuts off the output. The APE8955 is available in ESOP-8 package which features small size as SO-8 and exposed pad to reduce the junction-to-case resistance, being applicable in 2~3W applications.

*Ultra Low Dropout Voltage 200mV at 5A Output Current
*Low ESR Output Capacitor (MLCC) Applicable
*0.8V Reference Voltage
*Fast Transient Response
*Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Adjustable Output Voltage by External Resistors
*Power-on-Reset Monitoring on Both VCNTL and VIN Pins
*Under Voltage Protection
*Power OK Output with a Delay Time
*Internal Soft-Start
*SOP-8 with Exposed Pad Package
*RoHS Compliant & Halogen Free


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General Description
The LP38855 is a high-current, fast-response regulator which can maintain output voltage regulation with an extremely low input to output voltage drop. Fabricated on a CMOS process,
the device operates from two input voltages: VBIAS provides power for the internal bias and control circuits, as well as drive for the gate of the N-MOS power transistor, while VIN supplies
power to the load. The use of an external bias rail allows the part to operate from ultra low VIN voltages. Unlike bipolar regulators, the CMOS architecture consumes extremely low quiescent
current at any output load current. The use of an NMOS power transistor results in wide bandwidth, yet minimum external capacitance is required to maintain loop stability.
The fast transient response of this device makes it suitable for use in powering DSP, Microcontroller Core voltages and Switch Mode Power Supply post regulators. The LP38855 is
available in TO-220 and TO-263 5-Lead packages.
Dropout Voltage: 130 mV (typical) at 1.5A load current.
Low Ground Pin Current: 14 mA (typical) at 1.5A load current.
Shutdown Current: 1 μA (typical) IIN(GND) when EN pin is low.
Precision Output Voltage: ±1.0% for TJ = 25°C and ±2.0% for 0°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C, across all line and load conditions

*Standard VOUT values of 0.8V and 1.2V
*Wide VBIAS Supply operating range of 3.0V to 5.5V
*Stable with 10 μF ceramic capacitors
*Dropout voltage of 130 mV (typical) at 1.5A load current
*Precision Output Voltage across all line and load
 ±1.0% for TJ = 25°C
 ±2.0% for 0°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C
 ±3.0% for -40°C ≤ TJ ≤ +125°C
*Over-Temperature and Over-Current protection
*Available in 5 lead TO-220 and TO-263 packages
*Custom VOUT values between 0.8V and 1.2V are available
*-40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

*ASIC Power Supplies In:
 Desktops, Notebooks, and Graphics Cards, Servers
 Gaming Set Top Boxes, Printers and Copiers
* Server Core and I/O Supplies
*DSP and FPGA Power Supplies
*SMPS Post-Regulator

LP38855S-0.8, LP38855SX-0.8, LP38855S-1.2, LP38855SX-1.2

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General Description
The XP1035-BD is a linear power amplifier that operates over the 5.9-9.5GHz frequency band. The device provides 26 dB gain and 39 dBm Output Third Order Intercept Point (OIP3) across the band and is comprised of a three stage power amplifier with an integrated, temperature compensated on-chip power detector. The device includes on-chip ESD protection structures and DC by-pass capacitors to ease the implementation and volume assembly of the part. The
device is manufactured in 0.5um GaAs PHEMT device technology with BCB wafer coating to enhance ruggedness and repeatability of performance. The XP1035-BD is well suited for Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

*26 dB Small Signal Gain
*39 dBm Third Order Intercept Point (OIP3)
*Integrated Power Detector
*100% On-Wafer RF Testing

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General Description
The MLX90255xx linear sensor array consists of a 128 x 1 array of photodiodes, associated
charge amplifier circuitry and a pixel data-hold function that provides simultaneous integration
start and stop times for all pixels. The pixels measure 200μm (H) by 66 μm (W) and there is 8
μm spacing between pixels. Operation is simplified by internal control logic that requires
only a Serial Input (SI) pulse and a clock signal. The sensor consists of 128 photodiodes
arranged in a linear array. Light energy falling on a photodiode generates photocurrent, which is integrated by the active integration circuitry associated with that pixel. During the integration
period, a sampling capacitor connects to the output of the integrator through an analog
switch. The amount of charge accumulated at each pixel is directly proportional to the light
intensity and the integration time. The output and reset of the integrators is controlled by a
132-bit shift register and reset logic. An output cycle is initiated by clocking in a logic 1 on SI.
This causes all 132 sampling capacitors to be disconnected from their respective integrators
and starts an integrator-reset period.

Features and Benefits
*128 x 1 Sensor-Element Organization (1 Not Connected, 1 dummy, 128 real, 1 dummy, 1
Dark Pixel)
*385 DPI sensor pitch
*High Linearity and Uniformity for 256 Gray-Scale
*High Sensitivity: 1.7V @ 10μW/cm 2 @ 0.7ms integration time
*Special Gain Compensation for use with single LED light source
*Output Referenced to Ground
*Single 5V Supply
*Operation to 1MHz

*position Sensing
*electrical Power Assist Steering (EPAS)
*spectrometer Applications

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