U8600B - Laser Controller

Temic 2008/12/11 11:27
The U8600B is a monolithic integrated circuit using TEMIC’s advanced UHF technology. The IC is a very high-speed, mixed–signal laser driver circuit for re-writable optical systems.
It comprises a servo amplifier to drive the laser diode, a high-frequency modulator for noise reduction, power and pulse-width generators as well as several operation control and safety functions.
It comprises a servo amplifier to drive the laser diode, a high-frequency modulator for noise reduction, power and pulse-width generators as well as several operation control and safety functions.

*Single + 5 V power supply
*Data transfer rates up to 16 Mb/s
*Servo system
– High bandwidth: 100 MHz
– High dc gain: 110 dB
– High LD drive current: typ. 100 mA, max. 180 mA
– High slew rate: 5 ns rise/ fall time
– Servo gain adjustable
*Noise reduction by servo loop and weak highfrequency modulation
*On-chip generation of power levels for read, erase, and write operations
*On-chip generation of write and off-pulse widths: 15 to 90 ns, 5 ns steps
*Digital control of power and pulse parameters via a serial 3-wire interface
*Basic power level adjustable
*Supervision of power supply, laser current and laser power
*Laser shutdown to prevent laser damage and data loss

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•Laser bar mounted on passive mount, no water required
•For continuous wave (cw) and quasi continuous wave (qcw) operation
•Highly reliable semiconductor material with minimum life time of 10,000 h, typically >50,000 h
•Low thermal resistance
•Low smile (< 2.5 μm) and low mechanical tolerances

•Pumping of solid state lasers
•Direct industrial applications (soldering, surface treatment,…)
•Medical applications
•Printing applications

Safety Advices
Depending on the mode of operation, these devices emit highly concentrated non visible infrared light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1 “Safety of laser products”.
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General Description
The SY88422L is a single 3.3V supply, small form factor
laser driver for telecom/datacom applications up to
4.25Gbps. The driver can deliver modulation current up to
90mA and a bias current up to 100mA.

• 35mA power supply current typical
• Operation up to 4.25Gbps
• Modulation current up to 90mA
• Bias current up to 100mA
• Available in 16-pin small form factor (3mm x 3mm) MLF® package

• Multi-rate LAN, MAN applications up to 4.25Gbps: FC, GbE, SONET/SDH
• SFF, SFP, LX-4 Modules

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* Integrated Bias Current Monitor
" Monitors & Measures Laser Temperature Directly
" Eliminates Need for External Thermistor & Thermal Coupling Issues
" Alarm Output on Over-temperature Condition
* Adaptive Modulation Control (AMC)
" Adjusts Modulation Current as a Function of the Laser Temperature
" 8 × 8 Programmable Compensation Table
" 256 Independent Compensation Values
" Integrated 8-Bit Modulation Control DAC
* Flexible Biasing Architecture
" Bias Control and Modulation Control: 0 to 10mA / 0 to 100 mA Source, 0 to 100mA Sink
* Automatic Power Control (APC) with Integrated 10-Bit Programmable Offset
" Automatic Initial Bias Optimization
* Electronic Calibration Through 2-wire Interface
* 3V or 5V Operation

The SML2108 is an adaptive power controller for laser diodes. It is the industry's first integrated device that can directly monitor and measure a laser diode's temperature, and provide a variable modulation current. The SML2108's integrated active feedback loop is used to
calibrate and control the mean and modulation power of high speed, high power laser diodes.
Inherent manufacturing tolerances introduce variations of performance in laser diodes. These variations, combined with parametric changes over the laser’s extreme temperature
range and laser ageing, call for an efficient temperature compensation scheme. Using an internal digital control loop and a programmable nonvolatile compensation lookup table, the SML2108 provides the most optimum adaptive power control with a minimum number
of external components.
The SML2108 removes the need for any manual calibration of the laser control circuit, which is currently the industry standard practice. All calibration values are programmed through the 2-wire communication interface,
which can be controlled by most production ATE equipment. Programming of configuration, control and calibration values by the user can be simplified with the interface adapter and Windows GUI software obtainable from Summit Microelectronics. The SML2108 is available in 48 lead TQFP.

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* Temperature compensation programming function (APC_FF) of Bias current (0~85mA) and Modulation current (0~10mA/0~2.2V) responding to the detected temperature by the On-chip temperature sensor.
* Stable feedback function in the digital scheme (APC_FB).
* SFP support TXFAULT function and 1k bit ID field (EEPROM User Area).
* LD Power leveling function by either Hardware pin control or Register setting.
* Various alarm functions of Optical output decline (OPTALM), Excessive LD current (CURRALM), Exceptional temperature (TEMPALM) and Irregular external signals (EXTALM1 and EXTALM2).
* Operation adjustment function via 2-wire Digital interface after assembled into sub-system.
* On-chip Oscillator allows a Self-running operation.
* Single 3.3 V [Typ.] power supply.

For LD modules applied to Continuous and Burst mode

The AK2572 enables to keep the optical power of the direct modulation LD (Laser Diode) constant by the APC (Automatic Power Control) circuit. It consists of a current programming function (APC_FF) responding to the temperature characteristics of each LD, and a Digital feedback function (APC_FB) to adjust the LD current based on the monitoring PD (Photo Diode) current.
The AK2572 is also applicable to the Burst mode transmission. The device equips a Power leveling function to switch a temperature compensation programming data by either Hardware pin control or Register setting.
The On-chip EEPROM (Non-volatile memory) allows to adjust and to keep the individual setting data for each LD characteristics via 2-wire Digital interface after being assembled into sub-system. As 1k bits User Area is allocated in the EEPROM, which supports the ID field of the SFP specification, a proper operation required for the SFP module is realized by using the TXFAULT function.

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The OPV222 is a high performance 850nm VCSEL packagedfor sensing applications. This product’s combination of features including high speed, high output power and concentric and narrow beam angle make it an ideal transmitter for integration into many types of position sensing equipment.

Applications include
¨ Photoelectric Sensors
¨ Light Curtains
¨ Position Sensors

· 850nm VCSEL Technology
· High thermal stability
· Low drive current/high output intensity
· Pill Package with Dome Lens
· Well collimated beam profile

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Sony developed the CXA2680ER as a dedicated laser driver IC that increases the number of channels to five to support increased bit depth recording strategies. The CXA2680ER also adds a DVD modulator amplitude switching function to the CXA2640ER for use in dual drive systems and features high linear velocity to follow the actuators used in conventional CD-R/RW drives.

*CD system total maximum drive current: 370 mA
*DVD system total maximum drive current: 320 mA
*Rise/fall time: 1 ns
*Support for strategy in all 5 channels
*Read channel low noise: 1.5 nA/√Hz
*High-frequency modulator frequency accuracy:
< ±10%
*Built-in DVD modulator amplitude switching function
*Support for a variety of timing signals

Achieving both Higher
Output and Higher Speed While both an increased output transient waveform speed and an increased maximum output drive current are required to achieve increased linear velocities,
increasing the maximum output drive current required increasing the size of the output transistors. However, increasing the size of the output transistors leads to delays in the output transient waveform.
Despite this tradeoff relationship, the CXA2680ER achieves both of the following output current performance levels.
• CD system total maximum drive current: 370 mA (figure 1) (VCC = 5 V, VOP = 2.5 V, T = 150 °C)
• DVD system total maximum drive current: 320 mA (figure 2) (VCC = 5 V, VOP = 3 V, T = 150 °C)
Thus this device can supply the required maximum output drive current even under severe operating conditions for both CD and DVD. Furthermore, in the CXA2680ER, Sony optimized the output transient waveforms to have both higher speed and a minimal amount of overshoot
by including a built-in waveform shaping circuit. This allows this device to support ×8-speed DVD recording.
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• Compact Coaxial Package
• Strained Multi Quantum Well (SMQW) Laser Chip
• Low Thresholds Current and Operating Currents
• Wide Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
• Optical Power May Be Customized up to 2 mW
• Modulation Capability up to 622 Mb/s
• Convenient Variety of Pinout and Mounting Flange Options

• Telecommunications
• Fiber in the Loop
• Inter/Intra Office
• Datacommunications
• Switches

 Products in the LST2X2X family are compact coaxial pigtailed laser transmitters, operating in
the 1300 nm wavelength region and coupling light to single mode fiber. They are designed for use in short, medium and long distance networks with bit rates up to 622 Mb/s.
 The device features a high reliability SMQW laser diode and rear facet monitor photodiode.
These are electrically connected to four pins in an industrystandard configuration.
 Environmental performance is designed to be compatible with the requirements of Bellcore’s
TA-NWT-000983 document.
 Options within the LST2X2X family offer pinouts and pin rotational orientations designed to match existing products available on the market. We also offer a comprehensive range of alternative mounting flanges including a dual in line option.
 If the specific arrangement or performance you require is not listed, please contact your local
representative as our highly flexible design and manufacturing processes allow both physical and electro-optical customization to meet your needs.

LST2525--B-FP LST2825--B-FP LST2925--B-FP LST2527--B-FP LST2827--B-FP
LST2927--B-FP LST2525-S4-B-FP LST2825-S4-B-FP LST2925-S4-B-FP LST2527-S4-B-FP
LST2827-S4-B-FP LST2927-S4-B-FP
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