Typical applications
- Test and measurement equipment
- Laser, ultrasonic, X-ray, microwave

- Max. operating temperature: 85 °C
- Climatic category (IEC 60068-1): 40/085/21

- Dielectric: polyethylene terephthalate (polyester, PET)
- Cylindrical winding
- In tubular plastic case
- Face ends sealed with epoxy resin

- Central axial wire leads, lead-free tinned

Manufacturer's logo, style (MKT), series number, rated capacitance (coded), capacitance tolerance (code letter), rated DC voltage, date of manufacture (coded)

Delivery mode
Bulk (untaped)


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Using its expertise in LSI technology, ROHM has developed new high density driver chips for use in the KD3002-DF10A .
Capable of being employed for both thermal and thermal transfer printing, with a print speed of 200mm/s, the resulting print heads are the fastest in their class. The high-speed and high-density printing answers the needs of ATM, kiosk and ticket printing devices, which are increasingly being called upon to produce graphical output.

* Applications
Label printers
Ticket printers
Terminal printers

* Features
1) The use of a special partial glaze and the latest heating element structure, along with new high-density driver chips that can accept big current, has allowed ROHM to achieve print speeds of 200mm/s with using thermal history control, the fastest in its class.
2) One rank resistance value of 1000Ω ± 3% eliminates the inconvenience of rank selection.
3) The required driving voltage of 3.15 to 5.25V allows wide range of power supply voltage setting. This also allows multiple choice of electronic components for printers.
4) 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 8-inch series are available.

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