Zoran's CVE3 NTSC/PAL/SECAM Video Encoder is a siliconefficient, high-quality Intellectual Property Core for video IC designs requiring the TV output function. The CVE3 encodes YCrCb, 4:2:2 digital video into all NTSC, PAL, or SECAM TV standards. The CVE3 supports vertical blanking interval (VBI) encoding, including closed caption, teletext, WSS and CGMS-A encoding. CVE3 also includes support for Macrovision 7.1.L1, the copy protection scheme used in DVD players and set-top boxes. Six separate output busses for Y, Composite, Chroma, and RGB provide for flexibility in connection and multiplexing to DACs.
Proven in silicon and shipping in the millions, the CVE3 video encoder greatly reduces the risk and time involved when integrating the video encoding function into an IC. Zoran’s video encoder technology is incorporated into its own Vaddis DVD playback and COACH digital camera ICs.

*Encodes 4:2:2 YCrCb into all variations of NTSC, PAL or SECAM TV standards
*Simultaneous output of composite video, S-video and component video supported
*Dual chroma paths for optimal output of both composite video and S-Video component video
*CCIR 601, 604 and 656 and SMTPE 253 standards supported
*Macrovision 7.1.L1 copy protection
*33-tap luma filter
*Programmable Notch Filter
*Outputs 10-bit data to DACs
*Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) encoding support including closed caption, teletext, WSS & CGMS Encoding
*Fully synchronous design
*Process technology independent "softcore"

Integrated Circuit Applications
*PC video
*Digital camera processors
*PC graphics
*Set top box decoders
*Gaming systems
*Any system requiring TV output
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Zoran’s CVE2 NTSC/PAL video encoder core continues a line of highly efficient, cost effective solutions for the digital video market. The CVE2 core encodes YCrCb video into all NTSC and PAL standards with full programmable timing parameters. The carrier frequency and phase provides maximum flexibility. The core also includes support for Macrovision 7.1.L1, the copy protection used by DVD and set -top boxes.
This synthesizable intellectual property core accepts YCrCv video as specified by the CCIR-601 standard or full range YCrCb. All timing signals are generated within the core, synchronized to an external 27 MHz clock. In master mode the core provides Hblank and Vblank to the video source. In slave mode Hblank and Vblank are inputs. In slave mode the core can also be configured to accept multiplexed YCrCb as specified by the CCIR-656 standard.
The outputs are 6 separate busses for Y, Composite, Chroma, and RGB. This allows for flexibility in connection and multiplexing to DACs.

Core Features
*Encodes YCrCb into NTSC or PAL/SECAM
*Supports Macrovision 7.1.L1 copy protection
*Supports all variations of NTSC encoding
*Supports all variations of PAL encoding (I, B, G, D, N, M and combination N)
*RGB SCART output with (MV)
*Component YUV output with (MV)
*Controlled (smooth) edges on Sync and Burst
*Adheres to CCIR 601, 604 and 656 specs; also adheres to SMTPE 253 spec
*Programmable Notch Filter
*Upsampled design minimizes sinx/x distortion and complexity of external analog filter
*Nominal sample rate is 27 Msample/s
*Advanced Trick Play Features including Zoom, Smooth Scan
*Flexible input configuration: can be timing slave or master
*Outputs 10 bit data to DACs
*Generic register programming port
*Controlled entry and exit of active video line
*Fully programmable RGB setup and sync
*WSS & CGMS Data Line Encoding

*PC Video
*Digital camera process
*PC Graphic
*Any system requiring TV output

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The GS9002 is a monolithic bipolar integrated circuit designed to serialize SMPTE 125M and SMPTE 244M bit parallel digital signals as well as other 8 or 10 bit parallel formats.
This device performs the functions of sync detection, parallel to serial conversion, data scrambling (using the X9 + X4 +1 algorithm), 10x parallel clock multiplication and conversion of NRZ to NRZI serial data.
It supports any of four selectable serial data rates from 100 Mb/s to over 360 Mb/s.
The data rates are set by resistors and are selected by an on-board 2:4 decoder having two TTL level input address lines.
Other features such as a sync detector output, a sync detector disable input, and a lock detect output are also provided.
The X9 + X4 + 1 scrambler and NRZ to NRZI converter may be bypassed to allow the output of the parallel to serial converter to be directly routed to the output drivers.
The GS9002 provides pseudo-ECL outputs for the serial data and serial clock as well as a single-ended pseudo-ECL output of the regenerated parallel clock.
The GS9002 directly interfaces with cable drivers GS9007, GS9008 and GS9009.
The device requires a single +5 volt or -5 volt supply and typically consumes 713 mW of power while driving 100 Ω loads.
The 44 pin PLCC packaging assures a small footprint for the complete encoder function.

*fully compatible with SMPTE-259M serial digital standard
*supports up to four serial bit rates to 400 Mb/s
*accepts 8 bit and 10 bit TTL and CMOS compatible parallel data inputs
*X9 + X4 + 1 scrambler, NRZI converter and sync detector may be disabled for transparent data
*pseudo-ECL serial data and clock outputs
*single +5 or -5 volt supply
*713 mW typical power dissipation (including ECL pull-down loads).
*44 pin PLCC packaging

*4ƒSC, 4:2:2 and 360 Mb/s serial digital interfaces for Video cameras, VTRs, Signal generators

GS9002 - CPM

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The 3D7521 is a monolithic CMOS Manchester Encoder.
The clock and data, present at the unit input, are combined into a single bi-phase-level signal. In this encoding mode, a logic one is represented by a high-to-low transition within the bit cell, while a logic zero is represented by a low-to-high transition.
The unit operating baud rate (in Mbaud) is equal to the input clock frequency (in MHZ).
All pins marked N/C must be left unconnected.
The all-CMOS 3D7521 integrated circuit has been designed as a reliable, economic alternative to hybrid TTL Manchester Encoder.
It is TTL- and CMOS-compatible, capable of driving ten 74LS-type loads.
It is offered in space saving surface mount 8-pin and 14-pin SOICs.
The 3D7521 Manchester Encoder samples the data input at the rising edge of the input clock.
The sampled data is used in conjunction with the clock rising and falling edges to generate the by-phase level Manchester code.

* All-silicon, low-power CMOS technology
* TTL/CMOS compatible inputs and outputs
* Vapor phase, IR and wave solderable
* Low ground bounce noise
* Maximum data rate: 50 MBaud

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ETC 2008/04/10 09:30
 The SM5021A/B is a high performance infrared remote control encoder utilizing CMOS technology.
Mode A is a signal-key control and mode B is a multi-key control during data transmission, supports eight data key inputs and a LED output to indicate the status during transmission.
Auto power off function when key is not pressed to save power, custom codes to distinguish different products.
SM5021 encoder is paired with SM5032 decoder for more data control applications.

* Wide operation voltage range, 2.4V to 6V
* Eight data key control
* Option of signal-key or multi-key control
* Two custom codes to separate products
* Auto power off for saving power
* LED output to indicate transmission status
* Direct infrared LED 38KHz modulation output
* Low power consumption
* Paired with SM5032 decoder
* 16 pin DIP or SO package

* SM3015 Fan Remote Control
* Audio Remote Control
* Toy Remote Control
* Consumer Products Remote Control
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The KA2195D is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for RGB encoder of video system. This device contains matrix of R-Y/B-Y, modulator, pulse generator, regulator and built in BPF of chroma and delay line of luminance. The KA2195D is suitable for video equipment

· Regulator
· Mixer of R-Y, B-Y
· Modulator
· Pulse generator
· Audio buffer
· X-tal oscillator
· Clamp circuit
· BPF & D.L circuit

· Lower operating voitage:Vcc= 5V
· Stabilized bias condition in regulator
· Available only NTSC system
· Included 75 ohm driver (RGB Output, composite video output, composite sync. output)
· Sub-carrier frequency using X-tal and available external input
· Include BPF & delay line :Minimized external components
· Audio buffer circuit
· R-Y, B-Y modulator
TAG encoder, NTSC, RGB

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CX23416 - MPEG-2 Encoder

ETC 2007/04/12 15:39
The CX23416 is a low-cost, low-power MPEG-2 video and audio encoder that integrates the functionality of several ICs in a single device

CX23416 Distinguishing Features
• Video Encoding
- High-quality real-time encoding
- Supports MPEG-2 (MP@ML, SP@ML) and MPEG-1
- HDTV MPEG Capture
• Audio Encoding
- Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2-channel
- Sampling rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz
- Compressed bit rates up to 448 kbit/sec

CX23416 Features

* Video Encoding
• High-quality real-time encoding (I-, B-, and P-frames)
• Supports MPEG-2 (MP@ML, SP@ML) and MPEG-1
- 525/60 (NTSC) up to 720x480 @ 30 fps
- 625/50 (PAL) up to 720x576 @ 25 fps
• HDTV MPEG capture
• Variable and constant bit rate up to 15-Mbit/sec
• Programmable GOP lengths
• Adaptive field/frame (motion compensation type 8 DCT)
• Field/frame motion estimation
- B-frame: ±296(H) x ±184(V)
- P-frame: ±326(H) x ±202(V)
- Half-pel accuracy
• 4:2:2 to 4:2:0 conversion
• Speckle noise reduction
• Sharpness control
• Recursive noise reduction
• Inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown)
• Scene change detection
• Adaptive quantization
• Supports elementary program, and transport streams
• Automatic VBI extraction

* Audio Encoding
• Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2-channel
• MPEG-1 Layer II
• Sampling rates of 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz
• Compressed bit rates up to 448 kbit/sec

* Interfaces
• Video input: 4:2:2 YUV CCIR-656
• Audio input: Stereo Sony I2S
• MPEG input and output supports one of the following
- PCI DMA master or PCI slave
- 8-bit parallel program data
- 8-bit parallel SPI transport data
- 1-bit serial transport data
• One 64 Mbit SDRAM
• Host interface supports one of the following
- 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI
- 8-bit microcontroller
• General-purpose input/output with 16 programmable pins

* Package
• 233 BGA

TAG encoder, MPEG2

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PT2262 is a remote control encoder paired with PT2272 utilizing CMOS Technology. It encodes data and address pins into a serial coded waveform suitable for RF or IR modulation. PT2262 has a maximum of 12 bits of tri-state address pins providing up to 531,441 (or 3¹²) address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities.

* CMOS Technology
* Low Power Consumption
* Very High Noise Immunity
* Up to 12 Tri-State Code Address Pins
* Up to 6 Data Pins
* Wide Range of Operating Voltage: Vcc = 4 ~ 15 Volts
* Single Resistor Oscillator
* Latch or Momentary Output Type
* Available in DIP and SO Package

* Car Security System
* Garage Door Controller
* Remote Control Fan
* Home Security/Automation System
* Remote Control Toys
* Remote Control for Industrial Use

PT2262-S18 PT2262-IR PT2262-S PT2262-IR-S

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