General Description
The Aeroflex Circuit Technology Models ARX4810 and ARX4810FP are new generation monolithic transceivers which provide full compliance with MIL-STD-1553 and Macair data bus requirements in the smallest packages with low power consumption and two power supply operation.
The dual channel Model ARX4810 and Model ARX4810FP perform the front-end analog function of inputting and outputting data through a transformer to a MIL-STD-1553 or Macair data bus.
Design of these transceivers reflects particular attention to active filter performance.This results in low bit and word error rate with superior waveform purity and minimal zero crossover distortion. Efficient transmitter electrical and thermal design provides low internal power dissipation and heat rise at high as well as low duty cycles.
Each channel of the dual transceiver is completely separate from the other and fully independent. This includes power leads as well as signal lines.
Hence, each channel may be connected to a different data bus with no interaction.

*World’s smallest dual "Universal Transceiver" 0.3" X 1.2" Package
*Dual transceiver meets military data bus requirements, MIL-STD-1553 and Macair specs
*Low power dissipation at full output power
*+5 / -15 Volt Power Supply Operation
*Voltage source output for higher bus drive power
*Monolithic construction using linear ASICs
*Processed and screened to MIL-STD-883 specs
*MIL-PRF-38534 Compliant Devices Available
*DESC SMD (Standard Military Drawing)

ARX4810-201-1, ARX4810-201-2, ARX4810-203-1, ARX4810-203-2

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The SP5848 is a dual PLL frequency synthesizer controlled by a 3-wire bus optimised for application in double conversion tuners.
Each synthesiser loop within the SP5848 is independently addressable and contains an RF programmable divider, phase/frequency detector and charge pump/loop amplifier section; a common reference frequency oscillator and divider chain is provided, whose ratios for each loop are independently programmable.
Both synthesisers are optimised for low phase noise performance and in addition synthesiser 2 is capable of operation with a low comparison frequency.

*Dual independent PLL frequency synthesisers in a single package, optimised for double conversion cable tuners, offering improved application
*2.2GHz up-synthesiser optimised for low phase noise up to comparison frequencies of 4MHz
*1.3GHz down-synthesiser optimised for low phase noise AND small step size
*Common reference oscillator and divider with independently selectable ratios for each synthesiser
*10:1 programmable charge pump current ratio in up synthesiser
*3-Wire bus programmable, each synthesiser indepently addressable
*Low power consumption, typ 100mW at 5V
*ESD protection, (Normal ESD handling procedures should be observed)

*TV, VCR, and cable tuning systems

SP5848/KG/QP1S, SP5848/KG/QP1T
TAG dual, PLL

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The Si533 dual frequency XO utilizes Silicon Laboratories’ advanced DSPLL® circuitry to provide a low jitter clock at high frequencies. The Si533 is available with any-rate output frequency from 10 to 945 MHz and select frequencies to 1400 MHz. Unlike a traditional XO, where a different crystal is required for each output frequency, the Si533 uses one fixed crystal to provide a wide range of output frequencies. This IC based approach allows the crystal resonator to provide exceptional frequency stability and reliability. In addition, DSPLL clock synthesis provides superior supply noise rejection, simplifying the task of generating low jitter clocks in noisy environments typically found in communication systems. The Si533 IC based XO is factory configurable for a wide variety of user specifications including frequency, supply voltage, output format, and temperature stability. Specific configurations are factory programmed at time of shipment, thereby eliminating long lead times associated with custom oscillators.

*Available with any-rate output frequencies from 10 MHz to 945 MHz and select frequencies to 1.4 GHz
*2 selectable output frequencies
*3rd generation DSPLL® with superior jitter performance
*3x better frequency stability than SAW-based oscillators
*Pin 1 output enable (OE)
*Internal fixed crystal frequency ensures high reliability and low aging
*Available CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, and CML outputs
*3.3, 2.5, and 1.8 V supply options
*Industry-standard 5 x 7 mm package and pinout

*SD/HD video
*Clock and data recovery
*FPGA/ASIC clock generation

SI533AA00100DGR, SI533BA00100DGR, SI533CA00100DGR, SI533DA00100DGR

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General Description
The RT9182 is a dual-channel, low noise, and low dropout regulator supplying up to 200mA current at each channel. The output voltage ranges from 1.5V to 3.3V in 100mV increments and 2% accuracy by operating from a +2.7V to +5.5V input.
The RT9182 uses an internal PMOS as the pass device, which consumes 165uA supply current (both LDOs on) independent of load current and dropout conditions. The EN1 and EN2 pins control each output respectively. When both outputs shutdown simultaneously, the chip will be
turn off and consumes nearly zero operation current which is suitable for battery-power devices. Other features include a current limiting, and over temperature protection.

*Up to 200mA Output Current (Each LDO)
*Dual Shutdown Pins Control Each Output
*124uVRMS Low Noise Output
*Current Limiting and Thermal Protection
*Short Circuit Protection
*120mV Dropout at 100mA Load
*Two LDOs in SOT-23-6 Package
*RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free

*Cellular Phones
*Laptop, Notebook, and Palmtop Computers
*Battery-powered Equipment
*Hand-held Equipment
*Wireless LAN


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General Description
The MAX19999 dual-channel downconverter provides 8.3dB of conversion gain, +24dBm input IP3, +11.4dBm 1dB input compression point, and a noise figure of 10.5dB for 3000MHz to 4000MHz WiMAX™ and LTE diversity receiver applications. With an optimized LO frequency
range of 2650MHz to 3700MHz, this mixer is ideal for low-side LO injection architectures.
In addition to offering excellent linearity and noise performance, the MAX19999 also yields a high level of component integration. This device includes two double-balanced passive mixer cores, two LO buffers, and a pair of differential IF output amplifiers. Integrated onchip baluns allow for single-ended RF and LO inputs.
The MAX19999 requires a nominal LO drive of 0dBm and a typical supply current of 388mA at VCC = +5.0V or 279mA at VCC = +3.3V.
The MAX19999 is pin compatible with the MAX19997A 1800MHz to 2900MHz mixer and pin similar with the MAX19985/MAX19985A and MAX19995/MAX19995A series of 700MHz to 2200MHz mixers, making this entire family of downconverters ideal for applications where a common PCB layout is used across multiple frequency bands.
The MAX19999 is available in a compact 6mm x 6mm, 36-pin thin QFN package with an exposed pad. Electrical performance is guaranteed over the extended temperature range, from TC = -40°C to +85°C.

*3000MHz to 4000MHz RF Frequency Range
*2650MHz to 3700MHz LO Frequency Range
*50MHz to 500MHz IF Frequency Range
*8.3dB Conversion Gain
*+24dBm Input IP3
*10.5dB Noise Figure
*+11.4dBm Input 1dB Compression Point
*74dBc Typical 2 x 2 Spurious Rejection at PRF = -10dBm
*Dual Channels Ideal for Diversity Receiver Applications
*Integrated LO Buffer
*Integrated LO and RF Baluns for Single-Ended Inputs
*Low -3dBm to +3dBm LO Drive
*Pin Compatible with the MAX19997A 1800MHz to 2900MHz Mixer
*Pin Similar to the MAX9995/MAX9995A and MAX19995/MAX19995A 1700MHz to 2200MHz
Mixers and the MAX9985/MAX9985A and MAX19985/MAX19985A 700MHz to 1000MHz
*39dB Channel-to-Channel Isolation
*Single +5.0V or +3.3V Supply
*External Current-Setting Resistors Provide Option for Operating Device in Reduced-Power/Reduced-Performance Mode

*3.5GHz WiMAX and LTE Base Stations
*Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
*Microwave Links
*Wireless Local Loop
*Private Mobile Radios
*Military Systems

MAX19999ETX+, MAX19999ETX+T

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The ADSD-1410S is a functionally complete, dual 14-bit, 10MSPS, sampling A/D converter. Its standard, 40-pin, triple-wide SMT DIP contains two fast-settling sample/hold amplifiers, two 14-bit A/D converters, multiplexed output buffers, a precision reference, and all the timing and control logic necessary to operate from either two or a single start convert pulse.
The ADSD-1410S is optimized for wideband frequencydomain applications and is fully FFT tested. The ADSD- 1410S requires only ±5V supplies and typically consumes 1.6 Watts. The digital output power supply is capable of directly driving 5V or 3V logic systems. Models are available in either commercial 0 to +70°C or military -55 to +125°C operating temperature ranges.

*14-bit resolution; 10MSPS sampling rate
*Functionally complete; ±2.5V input range
*No missing codes over full temperature range
*±5V supplies, 1.6 Watts
*76dB SNR, –83dB THD
*Ideal for both time and frequency domain applications

ADSD-1410S, ADSD-1410S-EX

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*Glass Passivated Die Construction
*Super-Fast Switching
*Low Forward Voltage Drop
*Low Reverse Leakage Current
*High Surge Current Capability
*Plastic Material has UL Flammability Classification 94V-O

Mechanical Data
*Case: TO-3P, Molded Plastic
*Terminals: Plated Leads Solderable per MIL-STD-750, Method 2026
*Polarity: See Diagram
*Weight: 5.6 grams (approx.)
*Mounting Position: Any
*Mounting Torque: 11.5 cm-kg (10 in-lbs) Max.
*Lead Free: For RoHS / Lead Free Version

U16D05C, U16D10C, U16D15C, U16D20C, U16D30C, U16D40C, U16D50C, U16D60C

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General Description
 The IXDN404/IXDI404/IXDF404 is comprised of two 4 Ampere CMOS high speed MOSFET drivers.
Each output can source and sink 4A of peak current while producing voltage rise and fall times of less than 15ns to drive the latest IXYS MOSFETs and IGBT's.
The input of the driver is compatible with TTL or CMOS and is fully immune to latch up over the entire operating range.
A patent-pending circuit virtually eliminates CMOS power supply cross conduction and current shoot-through.
Improved speed and drive capabilities are further enhanced by very low, matched rise and fall times.
The IXDN404 is configured as a dual non-inverting gate driver, the IXDI404 is a dual inverting gate driver, and the IXDF404 is a dual inverting + non-inverting gate driver.
The IXDN404/IXDI404/IXDF404 family are available in the standard 8 pin P-DIP (PI), SOIC-8 (SIA) and SOIC-16 (SIA-16) packages.
For enhanced thermal performance, the SOP-8 and SOP-16 are also available in a package with an exposed grounded metal back as the SI and SI-16 repectively.

* Built using the advantages and compatibility of CMOS and IXYS HDMOSTM processes
* Latch-Up Protected up to 0.5A
* High Peak Output Current: 4A Peak
* Wide Operating Range: 4.5V to 35V
* High Capacitive Load Drive Capability: 1800pF in <15ns
* Matched Rise And Fall Times
* Low Propagation Delay Time
* Low Output Impedance
* Low Supply Current
* Two Drivers in Single Chip

* Driving MOSFETs and IGBTs
* Motor Controls
* Line Drivers
* Pulse Generators
* Local Power ON/OFF Switch
* Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
* DC to DC Converters
* Pulse Transformer Driver
* Class D Switching Amplifiers
* Limiting di/dt Under Short Circuit


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General Description
 The MAX6639 monitors its own temperature and one external diode-connected transistor or the temperatures of two external diode-connected transistors, typically available in CPUs, FPGAs, or GPUs.
The 2-wire serial interface accepts standard System Management Bus (SMBusTM) write byte, read byte, send byte, and receive byte commands to read the temperature data and program the alarm thresholds.
Temperature data can be read at any time over the SMBus, and three programmable alarm outputs can be used to generate interrupts, throttle signals, or overtemperature shutdown signals.
The temperature data is also used by the internal dual-PWM fan-speed controller to adjust the speed of up to two cooling fans, thereby minimizing noise when the system is running cool, but providing maximum cooling when power dissipation increases.
Speed control is accomplished by tachometer feedback from the fan, so that the speed of the fan is controlled, not just the PWM duty cycle.
Accuracy of speed measurement is ±4%.
The MAX6639 is available in 16-pin QSOP and 16-pin thin QFN 5mm x 5mm packages.
It operates from 3.0V to 3.6V and consumes just 500μA of supply current.

* Two Thermal-Diode Inputs
* Up to 25kHz PWM Output Frequency
* Three Selectable SMBus Addresses
* Local Temperature Sensor
* 1°C Remote Temperature Accuracy
* Two PWM Outputs for Fan Drive (Open Drain; Can be Pulled Up to +13.5V)
* Programmable Fan-Control Characteristics
* Automatic Fan Spin-Up Ensures Fan Start
* Controlled Rate-of-Change Ensures Unobtrusive Fan-Speed Adjustments
* ±3% Fan-Speed Measurement Accuracy
* Temperature Monitoring Begins at POR for Fail- Safe System Protection
* OT and THERM Outputs for Throttling or Shutdown
* Measures Temperatures Up to +150°C
* MAX6639F is Optimized for n = 1.021 for Penryn Compatability

* Desktop Computers
* Notebook Computers
* Projectors
* Servers
* Networking Equipment


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 The HIP6211 is a dual CMOS low dropout linear regulator with ultra-low-noise output, very low
dropout voltage and very low ground current.
The HIP6211 operates from a 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage range and delivers up to 300mA, with low dropout of 150 mV at 300mA.
The other features of HIP6211 include short-circuit protection and thermal-shutdown protection.
Its dual channel and low noise feature is ideal for microcontroller and DSP based handheld
Other key application areas for HIP6211 also include palmtop computers, PCMCIA cards and
WLAN cards.
The HIP6211 has a special feature that if both EN pin is enabled simultaneously the output of LDO2 delays 20us from output of LDO1 which helps to minimize inrush startup current.
The HIP6211 is available in tiny 10pin 3mm x 3mm MLF (10L-TDLMF) package with fixed output voltage versions.

• 300mA+300mA dual channel high accuracy LDO
• Ultra low output noise: 140μVRMS
• Low ground current: 200μA
• Very low dropout: 150mV @300mA
• Zero shutdown supply current
• TTL-logic-controlled independent enable input
• Thermal and current limit protections
• Ultra low droop load transient response
• Ultra fast line transient response
• Tiny 10pin 3mm x 3mm MLF (10L-TDLMF ) package
• Fixed options 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.0V and 3.3V

• Dual supply handheld products
• Cellular and cordless phones
• Wireless LAN cards
• Digital camera
• MP3 / MP4 / CD player
• Pen drives
• USB Hubs and USB 2.0
• Mini PCI & PCI express cards

TAG dual, LDO, low, MLF, noise

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