* Highly Integrated Power Amplifier With T/R and Diversity Switches
* Operates Over 2.7 V to 6 V Supply Voltage
* High Linear Output Power (P1dB: +24 dBm)
* Individual Gate Control for Each Amplifier Stage
* Low Cost SSOP-28 Plastic Package

M/A-COM’s AM55-0003 is a GaAs power amplifier with integrated transmit/receive and an antenna diversity switch in a low cost SSOP 28 plastic package.
The power amplifier delivers +24 dBm of linear power with high efficiency and can be operated with voltages as low as 2.7 volts.
The power amplifier switch is fully monolithic.
The T/R and diversity switches achieve good insertion loss and isolation without degrading the overall linearity.
The switches can be controlled with CMOS logic levels.
The AM55-0003 is ideally suited for QPSK, BPSK or other linearly modulated systems in the 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band.
It can also be used in GFSK systems where levels of +25 dBm are required.
Typical applications include WLAN and wireless portable data collection.
This power amplifier can be combined with a transceiver IC (MD58-0001 or MD58-0002) to form a complete RF front end.
M/A-COM's AM55-0003 is fabricated using a mature 0.5-micron gate length GaAs process.
The process features full passivation for increased performance and reliability.


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