General Description
The MX884 targets power management applications where high noise immunity and low cost are primary requirements. Its integrated 10-bit ADC provides high resolution, making it ideal for current monitoring systems. The MX884 enables digital power management, in which a microcontroller can readily monitor the current in a system and perform other control functions in power systems and motion control products.
The MX884 converts a small voltage developed across an external “current” sense resistor to a 10-bit digital output. It features a wide common mode input supply voltage range of 3V to 60V and easily interfaces to most microcontrollers. The design is simple yet cost-effective, requiring very few external components, making it especially suitable for high volume applications.

*3-60 V Operating Voltage Range
*Integrated 10-bit ADC
*3 wire serial interface
*Microcontroller Compatible
*Low Power
*Minimum External Components
*TSOT-23 RoHS Compliant Package

*Lighting Management
*Current Shunt Measurement
*Remote Sensing
*Battery Monitoring
*Microprocessor Controlled Power Management


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The SP433 is high-voltage four-terminal adjustable voltage references, with over current protection feature. The SP433 is a one chip solution to a 2.5V precision voltage reference and constant current output in the application of secondary feedback control of power supply, DC/DC converter, adaptor and charger. SP433 is idea for low cost switching power supply application.

*Voltage Reference Accuracy of 0.5% & 1.0%
*Sink Current Capability from 1mA to 100mA
*Adjustable Output Voltage from VREF to 18V
*Low Output Noise
*Typical Output Dynamic Impedance Less Than 200mΩ
*Available in SOT-23-5L and TO-94 package
*Over Current Protection

*Battery Charger
*Battery Power Equipment
*Linear Regulators
*Switch Power Supply
*Cellular Phone
*Digital Cameras
*Computer Disk Drivers


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The CAT4016 is a 16 channel constant current driver for LED billboard and other general display applications. LED channel currents are programmed together via an external RSET resistor. Low output voltage operation on the LED channels as low as 0.4V (for 2 to 100mA LED current) allows for more power efficient designs.
A high-speed 4-wire serial interface of up to 25MHz clock frequency controls each individual channel using a shift register and latch configuration. A serial output data pin (SOUT) allows multiple devices to be cascaded and programmed via one serial interface. The device also includes a blanking control pin (BLANK) that can be used to disable all channels independently of the interface.
Thermal shutdown protection is incorporated in the device to disable the LED outputs if the die temperature exceeds a set limit.
The device is available in the 24-lead SOIC, TSSOP, QSOP and the compact TQFN 4 x 4mm packages.

*16 Constant current-sink channels
*Serial interface up to 25MHz clock frequency
*3V to 5.5V logic supply
*LED current range from 2mA to 100mA
*LED current set by external RSET resistor
*300mV LED dropout at 30mA
*Thermal shutdown protection
*Available in RoHS-compliant 24-lead SOIC, TSSOP, QSOP, and 4 x 4mm TQFN packages

*Billboard Display
*Marquee Display
*Instrument Display
*General Purpose Display

CAT4016W-T1, CAT4016Y-T2, CAT4016VS-T2, CAT4016VSR-T2

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The STCS2 is a BiCMOS constant current source designed to provide a precise constant current starting from a varying input voltage source. The main target is to replace discrete components solution for driving LEDs in low voltage applications such as 5 V, 12 V or 24 V giving benefits in terms of precision, integration and reliability.
The current is set with external resistor up to 2 A with a ± 10 % precision; a dedicated pin allows implementing PWM dimming.
An open-drain pin output provides information on load disconnection condition.

*Up to 40 V input voltage
*Less than 0.5 V voltage overhead
*Up to 2 A output current
*PWM dimming pin
*Shutdown pin
*LED disconnection diagnostic

*LED constant current supplying for varying input voltages
*Low voltage lighting
*Small appliances LED lighting
*Car LED lights


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The MP8100 is a low-cost, precision, high-side current-sense amplifier. This device operates from a single 2.5V to 18V supply and typically consumes 17μA. It is ideal for today’s notebook computers, cell phones and other systems where battery/DC current monitoring is critical.
High-side current monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems since it does not interfere with the ground path of the battery charger. The input common-mode range of 1.5V to 18V is independent of the supply voltage and ensures that the current-sense feedback remains viable even when connected to a 2-cell battery pack in deep discharge.

*Low-Cost, Compact Current-Sense Solution
*17μA Typical Supply Current
*2.5V to 18V Operating Supply Voltage
*1.5V to 18V Input Common Mode Range
*1μA Typical Shutdown Current
*250μV Input Offset Voltage
*High Current Sensing Capability
*Low 100mΩ Output Impedance (Optional)
*Available in an 8-Pin SOIC Package

*Portable PCs
*Smart Battery Packs
*Cell Phones
*Portable Test/Measurement Systems
*Battery-Operated Systems
*Energy Management Systems


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The CSN Series of closed loop current sensors are based on the principles of the Magnetoresistive or Hall effects, and the null balance or zero magnetic flux method (feedback system). The magnetic flux in the sensor core is constantly controlled at zero.
The amount of current required to balance zero flux is the measure of the primary current flowing through the conductor, multiplied by the ratio of the primary to secondary windings.
This closed loop current is the output from the device and presents an image of the primary current reduced by the number of secondary turns at any time. This current can be expressed as a voltage by passing it through a resistor.

*Current sensing up to 1200 amps
*Measures ac, dc and impulse currents
*Competitive cost/performance ratio
*Rapid response
*High overload capability
*High level of electrical isolation between primary and secondary circuits
*Industrial operating temperature range
*Small size and weight

Typical Applications
*Variable speed drives
*Overcurrent protection
*Ground fault detectors
*Current feedback control systems
*UPS and telecommunication power supplies
*Welding power supplies
*Automotive - Battery management systems

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LDA111 is an optocoupler with a single or darlington transistor output.
A bi-directional or uni-directional input is available depending on which model you choose.
Current transfer ratios range from 33% to 1000%

*AC and DC Input Versions Available
*Small 6 Pin DIP Package
*100mA Continuous Load Rating
*3750VRMS Input/Output Isolation
*Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable
*Surface Mount and Tape & Reel Versions Available

*Telecom Switching
*Tip/Ring Circuits
*Modem Switching (Laptop, Notebook, Pocket Size)
*Loop Detect
*Ring Detect
*Current Sensing


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General Description
 The DM163 is a LED driver that comprises shift registers, data latches, 8x3-channel constant current circuitry with current value set by 3 external resistors, and 64 x 256 gray level PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function unit.
Each channel provides a maximum current of 60 mA.
The grayscale data are separated into BANK0 and BANK1 respectively, selected by SELBK pin. BANK0 is 6-bits grayscale data and the BNAK1 is 8-bits grayscale data.
Depending on the system requirement, both PWM banks could be utilized jointly to achieve maximum 8+6 bit grayscale performance.
Alternatively, users can choose either 64-graylevel bank or 256-graylevel bank for dot correction, and the remaining bank as image data.
DM163 could also be constructed as a PWM controller for LED drivers.
When VDDH is connected to VDD, each of the 24 output channels outputs can act as an inverse digital signal for controlling the LED driver.

* 24 Output Channels
* 8 + 6-bits PWM grayscale Control
* Constant Current Output: 5mA to 60mA
* LED Power Supply Voltage up to 17V
* VDD=3V to 5.5V
* Varied Output Current Level Set By 3 External Resistors
* Serial Shift-In Architecture for Grayscale Data

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 The KB1365, step-down constant-current high-brightness LED (HB LED) drivers provide a cost-effective solution for automotive interior/exterior lighting, architectural and ambient lighting, LED bulbs such as MR16 and other LED illumination applications.
The KB1365 operate from a 5.5v to 40V input voltage range and feature a 5V/10mA on-board regulator.
A high-side current-sense resistor adjusts the output current and a dedicated PWM input (DIM) enables a wide range of pulsed dimming.
The KB1365 i well suited for applications requiring a wide input voltage range.
The high-side current-sensing and an integrated current-setting circuitry minimize the number of external components while delivteretic coltrol algorithm ensures excellent input-supply rejection and fast response during load transients and PWM dimming.
The KB1365 featurds a 20% inductor current ripple.
These devices operate up to 2MHz switching frequency, thus allowing for small component size.

* 5.5V to 40V Input Voltage Range
* High-Side Current Sense
* 20kHz Maximum Dimming Frequency
* Hysteretic Contorl: No Compensation
* 200m V Low Reference Voltage(5%)
* Dedicated Dimming Control Input
* Up to 2MHz Switching Frequency
* Adjustable Constant LED Current
* Up to 5 A Constant Current Output
* 5V, 10mA On-Board Regulator
* -40˚C to +125˚C Operating Temperature Range
* SOT23-6 package

* MR16 and Other LED bulbs
* Power Led driver
* Constant Current Source


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 The ZXLD1321 is an inductive DC-DC converter, with an internal switch, designed for driving single or multiple LEDs in series up to a total of 1A output current.
Applications cover commercial environments with input voltages ranging from 1.2V to 12V.
The device employs a variable 'on' and 'off' time control scheme with adjustable peak switch current limiting and supports step-up (Boost) mode and self-powering Bootstrap operating modes, offering higher power efficiency and lower system cost than conventional PFM circuitry.
The device includes the DC-DC converter, a high-side current monitor and an NPN switching transistor to provide an integrated solution offering small PCB size, competitive cost/performance, high power efficiency of DC-DC conversion and maximum LED brightness/reliability.
More importantly, it retains design flexibility to add customer specific features.
The feedback control circuitry inside the ZXLD1321 provides excellent load and current regulation, resulting in very stable LED current over the useful life of the battery and over the full operating temperature range.
The LED current can be adjusted from 100% down to 10% of the set value by applying a dc voltage to the ADJ pin and down to 1% by applying a PWM signal to the ADJ pin.
An onchip LED protection circuit also allows output current to be reduced linearly above a predetermined threshold temperature using an external thermistor at the TADJ pin.
External resistors set nominal average LED current and coil peak current independently.
The device can be shut down by applying a continuous low level dc voltage to the ADJ pin.

• 1.2V to 12V Input voltage range
• Up to 1A output current
• Typical efficiency# >85%
• Bootstrap operation enables input voltage down to 1V
• User-defined thermal control of LED output current using external thermistor
• High output current stability over input voltage and temperature
• 12μA typical standby current
• LED current adjustable from 100% down to 2%
• Adjustable soft-start
• Drives up to 5 white LEDs in series

• High power LED flashlights
• LED back-up lighting
• General LED lighting
• Emergency lighting


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