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General Description
AMI Semiconductor’s AMIS-721250 (PI6050D) contact image sensor (CIS) is a selectable 600 or 1200 dot per inch (dpi) resolution linear image sensor, which employs AMI Semiconductor’s proprietary CMOS image sensing technology. The sensor contains an on-chip output amplifier, power-down circuitry and parallel transfer features that are uniquely combined with the present-day active-pixel-sensor technology. The image sensors are designed to be cascaded end-to-end on a printed circuit board (PCB) and packaged in an image sensing module. Applications for the sensor array includes facsimiles, PC scanners, check readers, and office automation equipment.
Figure 1 is a block diagram of the sensor. Each sensor consists of 688 active pixels, their associated multiplexing switches, buffers, and an output amplifier circuit with a power down feature. The sensors pixel-pixel spacing is approximately 21.15μm. The size of each sensor without the scribe lines is 14560μm by 425μm.

Key Features
*600 or 1200dpi selectable resolutions
*344 or 688 image sensor elements (pixels)
*21.15μm (1200dpi) pixel center-to-center spacing (47.24dots/mm)
*On-chip amplifier
*Single 5.0V power supply
*3.3V input clocks
*3.0MHz maximum pixel rate
*Parallel / integrate and transfer
*Power-down circuit
*High sensitivity
*Low power
*Low noise

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 Peripheral Imaging Corporation PI3041A CIS, Contact Image Sensor, chip is a 300 dot per
inch resolution, linear array image sensor chip.
The sensor chip is processed using a CMOS Image Sensing Technology, a possession of ISPL (Image Sensor Product Line) group within AMIS.
Designed for cascading multiple chips in a series, the image sensor chips, uses a chipon- board process.
They are bonded end-to-end on a printed circuit board (PCB).
This bonding process allows the CIS module manufacturers to produce variable CIS module lengths in increments of the chip array lengths.
Hence, the modules are easily applied in a large number of document scanners, found in today’s facsimile market.
Examples are wide format maps and architectural drawings scanners down to the narrow width scanners, such as, those found in check readers, lotto tickets, entrance gates tickets, etc. This is not to exclude the many office automation equipments, which require an even more variety in scanning widths, as well as, those with special mechanically configurations.
Figure 1 is a block diagram of the imaging sensor chip. Each sensor chip consists of 96 detector elements, their associated multiplexing switches, buffers, and a chip selector.
The detector's element-to-element spacing is approximately 83.3 μm.
The size of each chip without scribe lines is 8080 μm by 380 μm.
Each sensor chip has 7 bonding pads.

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