Pericom Semiconductor’s PI3HDMI series of switch circuits are targeted for high-resolution video networks that are based on DVI/HDMI standards, and TMDS signal processing. The
PI3HDMI412FT-B is an 8- to 4-Channel Mux/DeMux Switch. The device multiplexes differential signals to one of two corresponding outputs. The switch is bidirectional and offers little or no attenuation of the high-speed signals at the outputs. It is designed for low bit-to-bit skew and high channel-to-channel noise isolation.
The allowable data rate of 5.0Gbps provides the resolution required by the next generation HDTV and PC graphics. Three differential channels are used for data (video signals for DVI or audio/video signals for HDMI), and one differential channel is used for Clock for decoding the TMDS signals at the outputs.
Due to its integrated pull-up resistors, the product has been designed specifi cally for applications where the part is used as a 2 to 1 mux, not 1 to 2 demux. Therefore, Pericom only recommends the part to be used as a 2 to 1 mux when dealing with HDMI signals. Even though the passive circuitry does not eliminate the bi-directional functionality, it is not ideal when used with HDMI signals. If DVI are used, either direction can be used.

*4-Differential Channel 2:1 Mux/DeMux
*HDMI 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 compatible
*Allowable Data Rate: > 5.0 Gbps
*Supports both AC coupled and DC coupled signals
*Switching speed: 4ns
*Isolation: -40dB @ 2.0 Gbps
*Crosstalk: -31dB @ 2.0 Gbps
*ESD: Data bits @ 8kV contact, select bit @ 2kV HBM
*Low bit-to-bit skew
*Enable/Disable Time: 9ns
*Packaging (Pb-free & Green):
— 42-pin TQFN (ZH42)
— 48-pin BQSOP (B48)


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