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  1. 2008/05/29 MCSI - Integral 3-Element Colour Sensor

 The colour sensors are made of 19 x 3 Si-PIN photo diodes integrated on chip.
They are carried out as a hexagonal matrix with the diameter of 3 mm.
The design as Si-PIN photo diodes allows signal frequencies up to MHz-range.
In order to achieve a small cross talk between the photodiodes the individual sectors have been separated from each other by additional structures.
Each of these photodiodes is sensitized with dielectric spectral filter for its colour range, preferably for the primary colours red, green and blue.

Dielectric filters guarantee the good optical properties of the colour sensors, such as:
- high transmission
- slight aging of the filter
- high temperature stability
- high signal frequency
- reduced cross talk
- small size (diameter of the optical sensitive surface ca. 3 mm)
- insensitiveness to decentralized imaging, e. g. LWL coupling

* Quality control
* Monitoring the production
* Control of manufacturing
* Detection of colour marks

* 3 x 19 on chip integrated PIN photo diodes
* different package versions (TO5 with/without IR-blocking)
* dielectric filters for the three colour ranges: red, green and blue
* Electrical connections
- three anodes
- one common cathode


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