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  1. 2007/04/09 TZA1020 - Pre-amplifiers for CD-RW systems
· Data amplifier for read speed up to twelve times nominal data speed
· Normalized and filtered error signals for servo control
· Wobble pre-processor with switchable low-pass filter
· Calculation of signals for real-time laser power control for write speed up to four times
· Calculation of signals for optimum laser calibration for write speed up to four times
· Fast track count amplifier
· Spot position measurement for alignment of photo diodes
· Reference voltage for laser controller
· On-chip band gap and DACs for accurate and adjustable current/gain settings
· I2C-bus microcontroller interface for programmable gain, speed switching and function selection
· All functions available for CD-R and CD-RW systems.

 TZA1020 (AEGER2) is an analog pre-processor IC for CD-R and CD-RW systems with 3-spots push-pull tracking system. The IC interfaces directly to the photo diodes.
 The device generates signals for laser power calibration and laser power control during disc writing. Normalized error signals are generated for servo control and wobble detection. An HF current amplifier is implemented to detect the actual HF data signal. The Fast Track Count (FTC) amplifier generates a radial error signal to allow fast track counting.
 TZA1020A (AEGER2A) is similar to the TZA1020, except for non-clamped MIRN, which allows operation with IGUANA.


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