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  1. 2007/03/23 MSM58321 - REAL TIME CLOCK/CALENDAR
The MSM 58321 is a metal gate CMOS Real Time Clock/Calendar with a battery backup function for use in bus-oriented microprocessor applications.
 The 4-bit bidirectional bus line method is used for the data I/O circuit; the clock is set, corrected, or read by accessing the memory.  The time is read with 4-bit DATA I/O, ADDRESS WRITE, READ, and BUSY; it is written with 4-bit DATA I/O, ADDRESS WRITE, WRITE, and BUSY.

• 7 Function-Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Day-of-Week, Month, Year
• Automatic leap year calender
• 12/24 hour format
• Frequency divider 5-poststage reset
• Reference signal output
• 32.768 kHz crystal controlled operation
• Single 5V power supply
• Back-up battery operation to VDD = 2.2V
• Low power dissipation
    90 ㎼ max. at VDD = 3V
    2.5 mW max. at VDD = 5V
• 16 pin plastic DIP (DIP 16-P-300)

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