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  1. 2008/03/27 TDA21107 - High speed Driver with bootstrapping for dual Power MOSFETs
General Description
The dual high speed driver is designed to drive a wide range of N-Channel low side and N-Channel high side MOSFETs with varying gate charges.
It has a small propagation delay from PWM input pin to GATEHS and GATELS, short rise and fall times and the same pin configuration as the ADP3418.
In addition it provides several protection features as well as a shut down mode for efficiency reasons.

Target application
The dual high speed driver is designed to work well in half-bridge type circuits where dual N-Channel MOSFETs are utilized.
A circuit designer can fully take advantage of the driver´s capabilities in highefficiency, high-density synchronous DC/DC converters that operate at high switching frequencies, e.g. in multi-phase converters for CPU supplies on motherboards and VRM´s but also in motor drive and half bridge class-D amplifier type applications.

• Fast rise and fall times for frequencies up to 1 MHz
• Adjustable High Side MOSFET gate drive voltage via external voltage supply to BOOT for optimizing ON losses and gate drive losses ( 5V to 12V is recommended )
• Prevents from cross-conducting by adaptive gate drive control
• Supports shut-down mode for very low quiescent current through three-state input
• Compatible to standard PWM controller ICs (IFX, Intersil, Analog Devices, Richtek)
• Floating High Side MOSFET drive
• Power-on Overvoltage Protection
• Footprint compatible to ADP3418
• Ideal for multi-phase Desktop CPU supplies on motherboards and VRM´s

• Voltage Regulator Modules
• Low Output Voltage High Output Current DC-DC Converters
• Half-Bridge Class D Amplifier


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