The HA17008R series are 8-bit monolithic D/A converters which have built in, a reference current amplifier, an R-2R ladder resistor, and 8 high speed current switches.
By setting the reference voltage and resistance, the maximum output current can be freely varied in response to the application.
The reference current is distributed to the current value for each bit by the R-2R ladder resistor, and the maximum output current is 255/256 of the reference current. For example, if the input reference current is 2.0 mA, then the maximum available output current is 1.992 mA.
Applications for the HA17008R are wide ranging, and include CRT displays, stepping motor control, programmable power supplies, audio equipment, and attenuators.

*Linearity of ±0.19% (±1/2 LSB) guaranteed.
*The settling time is short, 85 ns (typ), enabling rapid conversions.
*Low power dissipation has been reduced: 135 mW typ.
*Compatible with TTL and CMOS logic.
*The standard supply voltage is VCC = +15.0 V, VEE = –15.0 V.
*A wide output voltage range can be provided. From –10 V to +18 V.


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PS4530/PS4531/PS4532 are low voltage CMOS analog ICs configured as an 8-channel multiplexer (mux) (PS4530), two 4-channel muxes (PS4531), and three single-pole/double-throw switches (PS4532). These devices are pin compatible with the industry standard 74H4351/74HC4352/74HC4353. All devices have two complementary switch-enable inputs and address latching.
The PS4530/PS4531/PS4532 operate from a single supply of +2V to +12V, or from dual supplies of ±2V to ±6V. On-resistance (150Ohm max.) is matched between switches to 8Ohm max. Each switch can handle rail-to-rail analog signals. Off-leakage current is only 1nA at TA = +25°C and 50nA at TA = +85oC.
All digital inputs have 0.8V and 2.4V logic thresholds, ensuring both TTL-logic and CMOS-logic compatibility when using ±5V or a single +5V supply.

*Low On-Resistance (60 Ohm typ.) Minimizes Distortion and Error Voltages
*Single-Supply Operation (+2.0V to 12.0V)
*Dual-Supply Operation (± 2.0V to ± 6.0V)
*Improved Second Sources for MAX4530/MAX4531/MAX4532
*75 Ohm On-Resistance with ±5V supplies
*150 Ohm On-Resistance with ±5V supply
*TTL/CMOS Logic Compatible
*Fast Switching Speed, tON and tOFF = 150ns & 120ns at ±4.5V
*Break-Before-Make action eliminates momentary crosstalk
*Rail-to-Rail Analog Signal Range
*Low Power Consumption, <1μW
*Narrow SOIC, and SSOP Packages Minimize Board Area

*Data Acquisition Systems
*Audio Switching and Routing
*Test Equipment
*Telecommunication Systems
*Battery-Powered Systems

PS4531, PS4532, PS4530CWP, PS4530CAP, PS4530EWP

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General Description
The HT82V26A is a complete analog signal processor for CCD imaging applications. It features a 3-channel architecture designed to sample and condition the outputs of tri-linear color CCD arrays. Each channel consists of an input clamp, Correlated Double Sampler CDS), offset DAC and Programmable Gain Amplifier PGA), and a high performance 16-bit A/D converter.
The CDS amplifiers may be disabled for use with sensors such as Contact Image Sensors (CIS) and CMOS active pixel sensors, which do not require CDS.
The 16-bit digital output is multiplexed into an 8-bit output word that is accessed using two read cycles. The internal registers are programmed through a 3-wire serial interface, which provides gain, offset and operating mode adjustments.
The HT82V26A operates from a single 5V power supply, typically consumes 400mW of power.

*Operating voltage: 5V (Typ.)
*Low power consumption at 400mW (Typ.)
*Power-down mode: Under 2mA (Typ.)
*16-bit 30 MSPS A/D converter
*Guaranteed wont miss codes
*1~6 programmable gain
*Correlated Double Sampling
*±250mV programmable offset
*Input clamp circuitry
*Internal voltage reference
*Multiplexed byte-wide output (8+8 format)
*Programmable 3-wire serial interface
*3V/5V digital I/O compatibility
*3-channel operation up to 30 MSPS
*2-channel (Even-Odd) operation up to 30 MSPS
*1-channel operation up to 25 MSPS
*28-pin SSOP/SOP package (lead-free on request)

*Flatbed document scanners
*Film scanners
*Digital color copiers
*Multifunction peripherals

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The MP7541B is a pin-compatible replacement which offers superior performance in latch-up and ESD protection versus the comparable 7541 and 7541A. The high ESD protection will reduce failures caused by mishandling. These devices are manufactured using patented advanced thin film resistors on a double metal CMOS process which result in ultra stable thin film and superior long life reliability and stability. The MP7541B incorporates a bit decoding technique yielding lower glitch, higherspeed and excellent accuracy over temperature and time. The MP7541B’s outstanding features are:
Stability: Both Integral Non-Linearity (INL) and Differential-Non-Linearity (DNL) are rated at 0.2 ppm/°C maximum. Monotonicity is guaranteed over the entire temperature range. Gain Temperature Coefficient (TCGE) is 2.0 ppm/°C typical.
Lower Sensitivity to Output Amplifier Offset: Multiplying DACs provide an output current into a virtual ground of the output op amp. Additional linearity error caused by the op amp is reduced by a factor of 3 in the MP7541B versus conventional R-2R DACs.

*ESD Protection: 2000 V Minimum
*Full Four Quadrant Multiplication
*Low Glitch Energy
*12-Bit Linearity (End-Point)
*Guaranteed Monotonic. All Grades. All Temperatures.
*TTL/5 V CMOS Compatible
*Stable, More Accurate Segmented Architecture
–2.0 ppm/°C Typ. Gain Error Tempco
–0.2 ppm/°C Max. Linearity Tempco
–Lowest Sensitivity to Output Amplifier Offset
*Latch-Up Free

*Industrial Automation
*Automatic Test Equipment
*Disk Drive Servo Systems
*Digital/Synchro Conversion
*Programmable Gain Amplifiers
*Ratiometric A/D Conversion
*Function Generation
*Digitally Controlled Filters

MP7541BSD, MP7541BTD, MP7541BJN, MP7541BKN, MP7541BJS, MP7541BKS

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The MC74VHCT4051 utilizes silicon–gate CMOS technology to achieve fast propagation delays, low ON resistances, and low OFF leakage currents. This analog multiplexer/demultiplexer controls analog voltages that may vary across the complete power supply range (from VCC to GND).
The VHCT4051 is identical in pinout to the high–speed HC4051A and the metal–gate MC14051B. The Channel–Select inputs determine which one of the Analog Inputs/Outputs is to be connected by means of an analog switch to the Common Output/Input. When the Enable pin is HIGH, all analog switches are turned off.
The Channel–Select and Enable inputs are compatible with TTL–type input thresholds. The input protection circuitry on this device allows overvoltage tolerance on the input, allowing the device to be used as a logic–level translator from 3.0V CMOS logic to 5.0V CMOS Logic or from 1.8V CMOS logic to 3.0V CMOS Logic while operating at the higher–voltage power supply.
The MC74VHCT4051 input structure provides protection when voltages up to 7V are applied, regardless of the supply voltage. This allows the MC74VHCT4051 to be used to interface 5V circuits to 3V circuits.
This device has been designed so that the ON resistance (Ron) is more linear over input voltage than Ron of metal–gate CMOS analog switches.
For a multiplexer/demultiplexer with channel–select latches, see VHC4351.

*Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds
*Low Crosstalk Between Switches
*Diode Protection on All Inputs/Outputs
*Analog Power Supply Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 6.0 V
*Digital (Control) Power Supply Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 6.0 V
*Improved Linearity and Lower ON Resistance Than Metal–Gate Counterparts
*Low Noise
*In Compliance With the Requirements of JEDEC Standard No. 7A


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The MC54/74HC4066A utilizes silicon–gate CMOS technology to achieve fast propagation delays, low ON resistances, and low OFF–channel leakage current. This bilateral switch/multiplexer/demultiplexer controls analog and digital voltages that may vary across the full power–supply range (from VCC to GND).
The HC4066A is identical in pinout to the metal–gate CMOS MC14016 and MC14066. Each device has four independent switches. The device has been designed so that the ON resistances (RON) are much more linear over input voltage than RON of metal–gate CMOS analog switches.
The ON/OFF control inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs.
For analog switches with voltage–level translators, see the HC4316A.

*Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds
*High ON/OFF Output Voltage Ratio
*Low Crosstalk Between Switches
*Diode Protection on All Inputs/Outputs
*Wide Power–Supply Voltage Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 12.0 Volts
*Analog Input Voltage Range (VCC – GND) = 2.0 to 12.0 Volts
*Improved Linearity and Lower ON Resistance over Input Voltage than the MC14016 or MC14066
*Low Noise
*Chip Complexity: 44 FETs or 11 Equivalent Gates


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The PS8802-1, -2 are optically coupled isolators containing a GaAlAs LED on the light emitting diode (input side) and a PIN photodiode and a high-speed amplifier transistor on the output side on one chip.
The PS8802-1, -2 are designed specifically for high common mode transient immunity (CMR), the PS8802-2 is suitable for high density applications.

*40% reduction of mounting area (5-pin SOP × 2)
*High common mode transient immunity (CMH, CML = ±15 kV/μs MIN.)
*High supply voltage (VCC = 35 V)
*High isolation voltage (BV = 2 500 Vr.m.s.)
*High-speed response (tPHL = 0.8 μs MAX., tPLH = 1.2 μs MAX.)
*Ordering number of tape product
- PS8802-1-F3, F4: 1 500 pcs/reel
- PS8802-2-F3, F4: 1 500 pcs/reel
*Pb-Free product
*Safety standards
*UL approved: File No. E72422
*DIN EN60747-5-2 (VDE0884 Part2) approved (option)

*Computer and peripheral manufactures
*General purpose inverter
*Substitutions for relays and pulse transformers
*Power supply

PS8802-1, PS8802-1-F3, PS8802-1-F4, PS8802-2, PS8802-2-F3, PS8802-2-F4,
PS8802-1-V, PS8802-1-V-F3, PS8802-1-V-F4, PS8802-2-V, PS8802-2-V-F3, PS8802-2-V-F4

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The HA-2556 is a monolithic, high speed, four quadrant, analog multiplier constructed in the Intersil Dielectrically Isolated High Frequency Process.
The voltage output simplifies many designs by eliminating the current-to-voltage conversion stage required for current output multipliers.
The HA-2556 provides a 450V/μs slew rate and maintains 52MHz and 57MHz bandwidths for the X and Y channels respectively, making it an ideal part for use in video systems.
The suitability for precision video applications is demonstrated further by the Y-Channel 0.1dB gain flatness to 5.0MHz, 1.5% multiplication error, -50dB feedthrough and differential inputs with 8μA bias current. The HA-2556 also has low differential gain (0.1%) and phase (0.1°) errors.
The HA-2556 is well suited for AGC circuits as well as mixer applications for sonar, radar, and medical imaging equipment.
The HA-2556 is not limited to multiplication applications only; frequency doubling, power detection, as well as many other configurations are possible.

*High Speed Voltage Output . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 450V/μs
*Low Multiplication Error . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.5%
*Input Bias Currents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8μA
*5MHz Feedthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -50dB
*Wide Y-Channel Bandwidth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57MHz
*Wide X-Channel Bandwidth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52MHz
*VY 0.1dB Gain Flatness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.0MHz
*Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)

*Military Avionics
*Missile Guidance Systems
*Medical Imaging Displays
*Video Mixers
*Sonar AGC Processors
*Radar Signal Conditioning
*Voltage Controlled Amplifier
*Vector Generators

HA9P2556-9, HA9P2556-9Z, HA1-2556-9

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The Comstron Model PSC-4490 is a Nyquist bandpass filter used in a DAC( digital to analog converter). The purpose of the filter is to normalize the amplitude response of an input o(Sin x)/xo signal spectrum, and to reject unwanted frequencies while maintaining low group delay variation in the passband. The equalizing shape over the passband is |x/sin x|2 where where x = (∮f)/fs and fs=50.0 MSPS (sampling rate).


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General Description
Aeroflex’s ACT8502 is a radiation hardened, multi-chip 48 channel multiplexer MCM (multi-chip
module) with ESD protection for use in space applications.
All channel inputs have electrostatic discharge protection.
The ACT8502 has been specifically designed to meet exposure to radiation environments.
The multiplexer is available in a 96 lead High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Quad Flatpack QFP) and is guaranteed operational from -55°C to +125°C.
Available screened in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534, the ACT8502 is ideal for demanding military and space applications.

*Radiation Environment
*Radiation 300K(Si) Total Dose
*No Latch-Up or SEE to 120MeV/cm2/mg
*Full Military Temperature Range
*Low Power Consumption < 90mW
*48 Channels Provided by Six (6) HS-1840RH Multiplexers
*One Address Bus (A0-3) and Three Enable Lines
*All Channel Inputs protected by ±20V Transorbs
*Fast Access Time 1500ns
*±35V Input Over Voltage Protection (Power On or Off)
*Break-Before-Make Switching
*High Analog Input Impedance (Power On or Off)
*Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands
*No Latch-Up
*Packaging – Hermetic Ceramic Quad Flat Pack
*96 Leads, 1.32"Sq x .20"Ht Quad Flat Pack
*Typical Weight 15 grams
*DESC SMD Pending

Organization and Application
The ACT8502 consists of six 16 channel muxes arranged as shown in the Block Diagram.
The ACT8502 design is inherently Radiation Hard due to the HS1840RH Multiplexers as well as
Microsemi Corp.
Transient Suppressors (Reference Microsemi MicroNotes Series 050 - page 14).
48 channels addressable by Bus A0~A3, in Three 16 channel blocks, each block enabled
Each block connects the addressed channel to two outputs, "Output" and "Current".
This technique enables selecting and reading a remote resistive sensor without the MUX
resistance being part of the measurement.
For grounded sensors, this is done by passing current to the sensor by means of the "Current" pin and reading the resultant voltage (proportional to the sensor resistance) at the "Output" pin.
NOTE: It is recommended that all "NC or "no connect pin", be grounded.
This eliminates or minimizes any ESD or static buildup.


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