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  1. 2007/05/22 IR3084A - XPHASE TM VR 10/11 CONTROL IC
 The IR3084A Control IC combined with an IR XPhaseTM Phase IC provides a full featured and flexible way to implement a complete VR10 or VR11 power solution. The “Control” IC provides overall system control and interfaces with any number of “Phase” ICs which each drive and monitor a single phase of a multiphase converter.
 The XPhaseTM architecture results in a power supply that is smaller, less expensive, and easier to design while providing higher efficiency than conventional approaches.

· 1 to X phase operation with matching Phase IC
· Supports both VR11 8-bit VID code and extended VR10 7-bit VID code
· 0.5% Overall System Setpoint Accuracy
· VID Select pin sets the DAC to either VR10 or VR11
· VID Select pin selects either VR11 or legacy VR10 type startups
· Programmable VID offset and Load Line output impedance
· Programmable VID offset function at the Error Amp’s non-inverting input allowing zero offset
· Programmable Dynamic VID Slew Rate
· ±300mV Differential Remote Sense
· Programmable 150kHz to 1MHz oscillator
· Enable Input with 0.85V threshold and 100mV of hysteresis
· VR Ready output provides indication of proper operation and avoids false triggering
· Phase IC Gate Driver Bias Regulator / VRHOT Comparator
· Operates from 12V input with 9.9V Under-Voltage Lockout
· 6.9V/6mA Bias Regulator provides System Reference Voltage
· Programmable Hiccup Over-Current Protection with Delay to prevent false triggering
· Small thermally enhanced 5mm x 5mm, 28 pin MLPQ package

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