• Single supply with programming operation down to 2.5V
• Low power CMOS technology
- 1 mA active current typical
- 5 μA standby current (typical) at 3.0V
• x16 memory organization
- 128x16 (93LCS56)
- 256x16 (93LCS66)
• Software write protection of user defined memory space
• Self timed erase and write cycles
• Automatic ERAL before WRAL
• Power on/off data protection
• Industry standard 3-wire serial I/O
• Device status signal during E/W
• Sequential READ function
• 1,000,000 E/W cycles guaranteed
• Data retention > 200 years
• 8-pin PDIP/SOIC and 14-pin SOIC packages
• Temperature ranges supported
- Commercial (C): 0°C to +70°C
- Industrial (I): -40°C to +85°C

The Microchip Technology Inc. 93LCS56/66 are low voltage Serial Electrically Erasable PROMs with memory capacities of 2K bits/4K bits respectively. A write protect register is included in order to provide a user defined region of write protected memory. All memory locations
greater than or equal to the address placed in the write protect register will be protected from any attempted write or erase operation. It is also possible to protect the address in the write protect register permanently by using a one time only instruction (PRDS). Any attempt to alter
data in a register whose address is equal to or greater than the address stored in the protect register will be aborted. Advanced CMOS technology makes this device ideal for low power non-volatile memory applications.


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