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  1. 2009/03/28 SN67D10 - LCD Controller with Voice/Dual Tone Melody
SN6A264 is a series of single chip voice/dual tone melody synthesizer IC with 16*33/8*40/4*40 direct drive capability which contains two 4-bit I/O ports and a tiny controller. By programming through the tiny controller, user’s application including LCD display, section combination, trigger modes, output status, voice/melody playing and other logic functions and then be easily implemented.

*Single power supply 2.4V – 5.1V
*Built in a tiny controller
*Two 4-bit I/O ports are provided, two optional 4-bit output ports are provided
*256*4 bits RAM for programming usage are provided
*160*4 bits RAM for LCD display usage are provided
*Maximum 64k*10 program ROM is provided
*Readable ROM code data
*Built in direct 16*33/8*40/4*40 LCD driver
*LCD 1/4 bias, 1/5 bias; 1/8 duty, 1/16 duty
*Built in a high quality speech synthesizer
*Adaptive playing speed from 2.5k-40kHz is provided
*Built in a dual tone melody generator
*Speech/Dual tone melody mixer is provided which SN6A264 can play speech and dual tone melody simultaneously
*Fixed current D/A output is provided to drive external connected transistor for sound output
*PWM output is provided to drive external connected piezo buzzer

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