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The MC34064 is an undervoltage sensing circuit designed specifically for use as a reset controller in microprocessor- based systems. It offers the designer an economical, space-efficient solution for low supply voltage detection when used in combination with a single pullup resistor. Adding one capacitor offers the functionality of a programmable delay time after power returns. The 34064 consists of a temperature stable reference comparator with hysteresis, high-current clamping diode and open collector output stage capable of sinking up to 60mA. The MC34064's RESET output is specified to be fully functional at VIN=1V. A major improvement over competing products is the glitch-free supply current during undervoltage detection. Competing products demand a step function increase in operating current during the time that you least want or need it: during power loss. See Product Highlight below.

*Monitors 5V Supplies (VT = 4.6V Typ.)
*Outputs Fully Defined At VIN = 1V (See Figure 1)
*Glitch-Free Supply Current During Switching (See Product Highlight)
*Ultra-Low Supply Current (500μA Max.)
*Temperature Compensated ICC For Extremely Stable Current Consumption
*μP Reset Function Programmable With 1 External Resistor And Capacitor
*Comparator Hysteresis Prevents Output Oscillation
*Electrically Compatible With Motorola MC34064
*Pin-to-Pin Compatible With Motorola MC34064 / MC34164

*All Microprocessor Or Microcontroller Designs Using 5V Supplies
*Simple 5V Undervoltage Detection

MC34064DM, MC34064LP, MC34064PK, MC33064DM, MC33064LP, MC33064PK

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