The MTL5521 converts a frequency or rotational speed signal from a proximity detector located in the hazardous area into a 0/4–20mA current signal suitable for driving safe area loads.
 A display located on the top indicates the frequency. The analogue output provides either a 0–20mA or 4–20mA signal that is proportional to the rotational speed or frequency of the input.
A relay output is provided, with two configurable set points, allowing monitoring of the input frequency. When the input frequency is within this window the relay is energised and a yellow LED is illuminated. A start-up delay is triggered by a NO contact allowing the system to start up without creating false alarms.
 Configuration settings are made by two push button switches located on the front of the unit allowing the following parameters to be displayed and configured:

• Output current either 0–20mA or 4–20mA
• 0/4mA and 20mA frequency values
• Line fault detection: Off, wire-break and/or short circuit
• Upper and lower threshold values of the set point relay (including hysteresis)
• Start uptime delay 0 to 1000s
• Filter time constant
• Scaling factors

A line fault detect facility detects open and/or short circuits in the field. When a fault is detected the relay de-energises and the yellow LED changes to red.

MTL5521-11-230 MTL5521-11-115 MTL5521-11-24

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