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  1. 2009/09/15 Q2006LH4 - Alternistor Triacs (6 A to 40 A)
General Description
Teccor offers bidirectional alternistors with current ratings from 6 A to 40 A and voltages from 200 V to 1000 V as part of Teccor's broad line of thyristors. Teccor's alternistor is specifically designed for applications that switch highly inductive loads. A special chip offers the same performance as two thyristors (SCRs) wired inverse parallel (back-to-back), providing better turn-off behavior than a standard triac. An alternistor may be triggered from a blocking to conduction state for either polarity of applied AC voltage with operating modes in Quadrants I, II, and III.
This new chip construction provides two electrically separate SCR structures, providing enhanced dv/dt characteristics while retaining the advantages of a single-chip device.
All alternistors have glass-passivated junctions to ensure longterm reliability and parameter stability. Teccor's glass-passivated junctions offer a reliable barrier against junction contamination.
Teccor's TO-218X package is designed for heavy, steady powerhandling capability. It features large eyelet terminals for ease of soldering heavy gauge hook-up wire. All the isolated packages have a standard isolation voltage rating of 2500 V rms.
Variations of devices covered in this data sheet are available for custom design applications. Consult the factory for further information.

*RoHS Compliant
*High surge current capability
*Glass-passivated junctions
*2500 V ac isolation for L, J, and K Packages
*High commutating dv/dt
*High static dv/dt

Q2006VH3, Q2006DH3, Q4006VH3, Q4006DH3

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