*N channel
*Enhancement mode


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Advanced process capability has been used to achieve this high performance device. Combining two NPN transistors in the SM-8 package provides a compact solution for the intended applications.

* Dual NPN device
* Very low saturation voltage
* High gain
* SM 8 package

* CCFL invertors
* Royer circuits


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These devices are designed for high–voltage, high–speed power switching inductive circuits where fall time is critical. They are particularly suited for 115 and 220V SWITCHMODE .

* Reverse Biased SOA with Inductive Load @ Tc=100℃
* Inductive Switching Matrix 0.5 ~ 1.5 Amp, 25 and 100℃ Typical tc = 290ns @ 1A, 100℃.
* 700V Blocking Capability

* Switching Regulator’s, Inverters
* Motor Controls
* Solenoid/Relay drivers
* Deflection circuits

MJE13003L-A-TA3-F-T MJE13003L-B-TA3-F-T MJE13003L-C-TA3-F-T
MJE13003L-D-TA3-F-T MJE13003L-E-TA3-F-T MJE13003L-F-TA3-F-T

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 The BD135 and BD139 are silicon epitaxial planar NPN transistors in Jedec SOT-32 plastic package, designed for audio amplifiers and drivers utilizing complementary or quasi compementary circuits.
 The complementary PNP types are BD136 and BD140 respectively.


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*High current (max. 1.5 A)
* Low voltage (max. 80 V).

* Driver stages in hi-fi amplifiers and television circuits.

* NPN power transistor in a TO-126; SOT32 plastic package.
  PNP complements: BD136, BD138 and BD140.

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* 30 MHz
* 40 VOLTS
* IMD -30 dB
* POUT = 200 W MIN. WITH 16 dB GAIN

The SD1411 is a silicon NPN transistor designed for telecommunications in HF and VHF frequency bands. This device utilizes gold metallized die with diffused emitter resistors to achieve high reliability and ruggedness.

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TMOS E-FET Power Field Effect Transistors D2PAK for Surface Mount Logic Level TMOS (L2TMOS)

These TMOS Power FETs are designed for high speed, low loss power switching applications such as switching regulators, converters, solenoid and relay drivers. This Logic Level Series part is specified to operate with level logic gate–to–source voltage of 5 volt and 4 volt.
• Silicon Gate for Fast Switching Speeds
• Low RDS(on) — 0.028 W max
• Replace External Zener Transient Suppressor — Absorbs High Energy in the Avalanche Mode
• Specially Designed Leadframe for Maximum Power Dissipation
• Available in 24 mm 13–inch/800 Unit Tape & Reel, Add T4 Suffix to Part Number

RDS(on) = 0.028 OHM

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This new series of digital transistors is designed to replace a single device  and  its  external  resistor  bias  network.  The Bias Resistor Transistor  (BRT) contains a single transistor with a
monolithic bias network consisting of two resistors; a series base resistor and a base−emitter  resistor. The BRT eliminates these individual components by integrating them into a single device. The use of a BRT can reduce both system cost and board space. The device is housed in the SC−59 package which is designed for low power surface mount applications.
• Simplifies Circuit Design
• Reduces Board Space
• Reduces Component Count
• Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1
• ESD Rating − Human Body Model: Class 1
  ESD Rating − Machine Model: Class B
• The SC−59 package can be soldered using wave or reflow. The modified gull−winged leads absorb thermal stress during soldering eliminating the possibility of damage to the die.
• Pb−Free Package is Available

MUN2111T1G MUN2112T1 MUN2112T1G MUN2113T1

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ㅁ NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistors for switching and amplifier applications. Especially
suitable for AF-driver stages and low power output stages.
ㅁ These types are also available subdivided into three groups -16, -25, and -40, according to their DC current gain. As complementary types, the PNP transistors BC327 and BC328 are recommended.
ㅁ On special request, these transistors are also manufactured in the pin configuration TO-18.

Case : TO-92 Plastic Package
Weight : approx. 0.18 g

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Designed for general purpose power and switching such as output or driver stages in applications such as switching regulators, converters, and power amplifiers.

• Pb−Free Packages are Available
• Lead Formed for Surface Mount Application in Plastic Sleeves (No Suffix)
• Straight Lead Version in Plastic Sleeves (“−1” Suffix)
• Lead Formed Version in 16 mm Tape and Reel for Surface Mount (“T4” Suffix)
• Electrically Similar to Popular D44H/D45H Series
• Low Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage − VCE(sat) = 1.0 Volt Max @ 8.0 Amperes
• Fast Switching Speeds
• Complementary Pairs Simplifies Designs
• Epoxy Meets UL 94, V−0 @ 0.125 in
• ESD Ratings: Human Body Model, 3B >8000 V
                            Machine Model, C >400 V

MJD45H11 MJD44H11G MJD44H11T5 MJD45H11

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