*600W surge capability at 1ms
*Excellent clamping capability
*Low inductance
*Response Time Typically < 1ns
*Typical IR less then 1mA above 10V

*Case : SMB Molded plastic
*Epoxy : UL94V-O rate flame retardant
*Lead : Lead Formed for Surface Mount
*Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end
*Mounting position : Any
*Weight : 0.108 gram

SMBJ5.0, SMBJ5.0A, SMBJ6.0, SMBJ6.0A, SMBJ6.5, SMBJ6.5A, SMBJ7.0

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The FAN2560 is a linear low-dropout (LDO) regulator with a split-supply architecture. Separate bias and supply inputs allow bias to be taken directly from the battery, while the input is taken from a lower preregulated source. This allows a smaller differential voltage between input and output, which provides greater efficiency over a wider VBAT range.
The FAN2560 is available in a fixed-voltage output, 5-bump, WLCSP package.

*55μA Typical Quiescent Current
*Up to 350mA Output Current
*2.9V to 5.5V Bias Supply Voltage
*VOUT+0.1V to 5.5V Power Input Supply Voltage
*Fixed Voltage Options: 1.3V and 1.5V
*Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD)
*Input Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
*Short-Circuit Current Protection (SCP)
*5-bump 0.96 x 1.33mm WLCSP

*Moderate Current Digital Loads
*DVB-H, DMB Processors
*Handsets, Smartphones
*WLAN DC-DC Converter Modules
*PDA, DSC, PMP, and MP3 Players
*Portable Hard Disk Drives

FAN2560UC13X, FAN2560UC15X

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General Description
The AAT1141 SwitchReg is a 2MHz step-down converter with an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and output voltage as low as 0.6V. It is optimized to react quickly to a load variation.
The AAT1141 is available in fixed voltage versions with internal feedback and a programmable version with external feedback resistors. It can deliver 600mA of load current while maintaining a low 35μA no load quiescent current. The 2MHz switching frequency minimizes the size of external components while keeping switching losses low.
The AAT1141 is designed to maintain high efficiency throughout the operating range, which is critical for portable applications.
The AAT1141 is available in a Pb-free SOT23-5 package and is rated over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

*VIN Range: 2.7V to 5.5V
*VOUT Fixed or Adjustable from 0.6V to VIN
*35μA No Load Quiescent Current
*Up to 98% Efficiency
*600mA Max Output Current
*2MHz Switching Frequency
*150μs Soft Start
*Fast Load Transient
*Over-Temperature Protection
*Current Limit Protection
*100% Duty Cycle Low-Dropout Operation
*<1μA Shutdown Current
*SOT23-5 Package
*Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

*Cellular Phones
*Digital Cameras
*Handheld Instruments
*Microprocessor / DSP Core / IO Power
*PDAs and Handheld Computers
*USB Devices

AAT1141ICB-0.6-T1, AAT1141IGV-0.6-T1, AAT1141IGV-1.0-T1, AAT1141IGV-1.2-T1

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The KB3511 is a high efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator using a constant frequency, current mode architecture. The device is available in an adjustable version and fixed output voltages of 1.8V and 3.3V. Supply current during operation is only 25μA and drops to 1μA in shutdown. The 2.5V to 6.5V input voltage range makes the KB3511 ideally suited for single Li-Ion battery-powered applications. 100% duty cycle provides low dropout operation, extending battery life in portable systems.
Automatic Trickle Mode operation increases efficiency at light loads, further extending battery life. Switching frequency is internally set at 2.2MHz, allowing the use of small surface mount inductors and capacitors.
The internal synchronous switch increases efficiency and eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode. Low output voltages are easily supported with the 0.6V feedback reference voltage. The KB3511 is available in a low profile (0.8mm) DFN33-10 package.

*Up to 97% Efficiency
*25uA No Load Current Per Channel
*800mA Output Current
*2.5V to 6.5V Input Voltage Range
*2.2MHz Constant Frequency Operation
*No Schottky Diode Required
*Low Dropout Operation: 100% Duty Cycle
*0.6V Reference Allows Low Output Voltages
*Shutdown Mode Draws 1μA Supply Current
*Current Mode Operation for Excellent Line and Load Transient Response
*Overtemperature Protected
*DFN33-10 Package

*Cellular Telephones
*Personal Information Appliances
*Wireless and DSL Modems
*Digital Still Cameras
*MP3 Players
*Portable Instruments

KB3511A, KB3511B

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TThhee AMS2115 is a single IC controller that drives an external N channel MOSFET as a source follower to produce a fast transient response, low dropout voltage regulator.
The fast transient load performance is obtained by eliminating expensive tantalum or bulk electrolytic output capacitors in the most demanding modern microprocessor applications. Precision-trimmed adjustable and fixed output voltage versions accommodate any required microprocessor power supply voltage.
By selecting the N-channel MOSFET RDS(ON) a very low dropout voltage can be achieved.
A protection feature includes a high side current limit amplifier that activates a circuit to limit the FET gate drive.
A shutdown pin turns off the gate drive and some internal circuits to reduce quiescent current.
AMS2115 is offered in 8L SOIC and 8L PDIP package.

* Fast Transient Response
* Dropout Voltage Defined by FET Used
* Very Tight Load Regulation
* High Side Sense Current Limit

* Microprocessor Supplies
* Video Card Supplies
* Low Voltage Logic Supplies
* GTL Termination


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The SMC series is designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high voltage, high energy transients. They have excellent clamping capability, high surge capability, low zener
impedance and fast response time. The SMC series is supplied in ON Semiconductor’s exclusive, cost-effective, highly reliable Surmetic™ package and is ideally suited for use in communication systems, automotive, numerical controls, process controls, medical equipment, business machines, power supplies and many other industrial/consumer applications

Specification Features
• Working Peak Reverse Voltage Range − 5.8 to 77.8 V
• Standard Zener Breakdown Voltage Range − 6.8 to 91 V
• Peak Power − 1500 W @ 1.0 ms
• ESD Rating of Class 3 (>16 kV) per Human Body Model
• Maximum Clamp Voltage @ Peak Pulse Current
• Low Leakage < 5.0 A Above 10 V
• UL 497B for Isolated Loop Circuit Protection
• Maximum Temperature Coefficient Specified
• Response Time is Typically < 1.0 ns
• Pb−Free Packages are Available

 Mechanical Characteristics
- CASE: Void-free, transfer-molded, thermosetting plastic
- FINISH: All external surfaces are corrosion resistant and leads are readily solderable
- LEADS: Modified L−Bend providing more contact area to bond pads
- POLARITY: Cathode indicated by molded polarity notch

1.5SMC6.8AT3 1.5SMC7.5AT3 1.5SMC8.2AT3 1.5SMC9.1AT3 1.5SMC10AT3 1.5SMC11AT3
1.5SMC12AT3 1.5SMC13AT3 1.5SMC15AT3 1.5SMC16AT3 1.5SMC18AT3 1.5SMC20AT3
1.5SMC22AT3 1.5SMC24AT3 1.5SMC27AT3 1.5SMC30AT3 1.5SMC33AT3 1.5SMC36AT3
1.5SMC39AT3 1.5SMC43AT3 1.5SMC47AT3 1.5SMC51AT3 1.5SMC56AT3 1.5SMC62AT3
1.5SMC68AT3 1.5SMC75AT3 1.5SMC82AT3 1.5SMC91AT3

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