The i-Net TV FS450 is a fourth generation video scan converter.
It accepts many input resolutions, rates and formats and converts them to NTSC or PAL standards compliant with SMPTE-170M and CCIR-656 standards.
The chip has a programmable down scaler to fit the incoming resolution to the output display format.
The CCIR 656 ports allow external interface to other video chips.
The sync control block generates frame reset for genlocking other video components.
Required external components are minimal: a single 27 MHz oscillator or crystal and passive parts.
Digital progressive RGB inputs are downscaled or upscaled to the CCIR-656 horizontal pixel count and converted to the 656 format.
Vertical scaling and flicker filtering are done in 656 format.
The Flicker Filter is an advanced 2 dimensional filter that enhances text quality.
Flicker Filter and Sharpness parameters are programmable.
A digital video encoder that generates analog Y/C and Composite Video outputs is part of the
For the composite output in NTSC, YNotch and C-Bandpass filters are available.
For RGB and YUV outputs, the encoder may be bypassed via a YUV to RGB transcoder for
SCART compatible video.
Scaling and clock parameters are automatically programmed by the driver, so the system remains genlocked with resolution changes.
The input parameters to the automatic scaling are TV viewable area, PAL or NTSC, and the GCC CRT Control Registers’ settings.
The FS451's encoder incorporates Macrovision 7 anti-copy protection technology.
All parameters can be read and written via the I2C compatible serial port.
Power is derived from +3.3V digital and analog supplies.
The package is 100-lead Quad Flat Pack (PQFP).

* Flexible clock, data, and electrical interfaces allows glue-less digital interface to Intel 82810, National Geode and most other graphic controller chips ("GCC")
* Capable of operating as clock master, pseudo-master, and slave and supports both single and differential master clocks
* Programmable 2D scaling †
– Variable horizontal up and down scale
– Variable vertical downscale
– Output format can be tuned to the exact dimensions of the TV
* Advanced 2-D flicker filter †
* Supports Multiple Progressive Input Resolutions
– 640x480 to 1024x768
* Multiple Output Standards
– Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART
– Composite Y-Notch and C-Bandpass Filters
* Genlock the GCC and incoming Video
– Provides the pixel clock to the GCC generated from a single 27MHz clock
– Provides frame synchronization output signal for other video components
* CCIR 656 outputs
* CCIR 656 input to the encoder
* 10-bit output D/A converters
* Macrovision 7 compliant (FS451 only)
* I2C‡ compatible port controls
* High level programming interface
* 100 pin PQFP package
* 3.3V operation
†Note: Covered under US Patent # 5,862,268 and/or patents pending.
‡Note: I2C is a registered trademark of Philips Corporation. The FS450 SIO bus is similar but not identical to Philips I2C bus.

* Internet Set Top Boxes
* PC video out (TV Ready PCs)
* Cable/DVD Player Set Top Boxes
* Web Appliances
* Information Appliances
* Video Kiosks


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M61101FP is a semiconductor integrated circuit consisting of VIF/SIF signal processing such as mobile phones, notebook PCs with low voltage and low consumption.

• PLL split-carrier VIF/ SIF signal processing system compliant with NTSC

• Recommended supply voltage: 3.3V
• Adjustment free
• Coil-less VCO
• Built-in SIF trap and SIF band-pass filter
• Split-carrier system enables VIF and SIF signal processing independently.
• FM radio reception capability
• Package: QFN with 28pin

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✔ Ethernet - 10/100 Base T
✔ RS-458
✔ xDSL & ATM
✔ Audio/Video I/O Ports

✔ 61000-4-2 (ESD): Air - 15kV, Contact - 8kV
✔ 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A - 5/50ns
✔ 61000-4-5 (Surge): 24A, 8/20µs Level 2 (Line-Ground) & Level 3 (Line-Line)

✔ 800 Watts Peak Pulse Power per Line (tp=8/20µs)
✔ Bidirectional Configuration
✔ ESD Protection > 40 kilovolts
✔ Available in 5 Voltage Types: 5V to 24V
✔ Standard Dual-In-Line Package
✔ Protects up to 8 Lines
✔ Low Capacitance: 15pF
✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ Molded 16 Pin Dual-In-Line (DIP) Package
✔ Weight 1.2 grams (Approximate)
✔ Available in Lead-Free Pure-Tin Plating(Annealed)
✔ Solder Reflow Temperature:
Pure-Tin - Sn, 100: 260-270°C
✔ Consult Factory for Leaded Device Availability
✔ Flammability Rating UL 94V-0
✔ Packaging: 25 Pieces Per Tube
✔ Marking: Logo, Part Number, Date Code & Pin One Defined By Dot on Top of Package


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■ 24-bit Digital signal processor
■ 48kHz processing
■ Fully automatic multi-standard demodulation:
– B / G / I / L / M / N / D / K standards
– AM and FM mono
– FM 2-Carrier (German and Korean Zweiton) and QPSK / NICAM
■ Audio delay
– 100ms embedded
– external delay support (through I²S) with or without the internal delay activated
– independent delay on headphone and loudspeaker channels
■ Digital interfaces
– 1 x I²S asynchronous interface for stereo or downmix with sample rate converter up to 48kHz
– 1 x I²S synchronous interface which supports from stereo up to multichannel 5.1 and downmix
– 1 x I²S output support from stereo up to 5.1 speakers
– SPDIF output and pass-thru with integrated switch
■ Analog interfaces
– 5 stereo inputs
– 1 mono input
– 3 independent stereo outputs driving up to 5.1 multichannel
– 2 VRMS capability for SCART standard compliance
– pass-through mode
■ Acoustical compensation
– 3-band parametric equalizer with frequency, gain and Q control
– 5-band equalizer
– ST DynamicBass
– bass management
■ Dolby Prologic®I and II
■ Sound processing
– anti-clipping
– independent volume / balance for loudspeakers and headphone
– Smart Volume Control (SVC)
– 5-band equalizer
– loudness
– headphone: Smart Volume Control (SVC), basstreble with anti-clipping, loudness, ST Dynamic Bass and SRS® TruBass™
– beeper: 72 tones, 3 natural sounds
■ ST royalty-free processing:
– ST OmniSurround ( Virtual Dolby® Surround and Virtual Dolby® Digital compliant)
– ST Dynamic Bass
– ST Voice
■ SRS®
– SRS® TruSurround XT™ & XT 5.1 digital™
– SRS® TruSurround HD
■ Software compatible with STV83x8
■ Hardware pin to pin compatible with STV83x8

 STV83xy family is the latest sound processor from STMicroelectronics. Based on STV82xy
family success, the new STV83x8(US) and STV83x7 (EU/Asia/Middle East/Africa) are
particularly intended for the mainstream flat TV market, paving the way to enhanced sound
experience at the end customer level.

 One of the new STV83xy family key function is to ensure the proper demodulation of analog
broadcast thanks to its “Autostandard” functionality, a digital standard search engine.
The demodulation functionality based on the field proven STV82xy family, is highly robust in
all concerned area, even where overmodulation is dominant.
Five (5) analog audio auxiliary inputs and three (3) auxiliary SCART compliant outputs are
available and aimed at reducing the bill of material (BOM) by removing audio switches and

 STV83xy products are designed to fulfill all new digital or hybrid TV digital connectivity
needs thanks to a SPDIF input (bypass only) and two (2) synchronous/asynchronous inter
sound interface (I²S). One of the latter supports Dolby Digital 5.1 PCM audio, which
emphasizes on product differentiation by driving directly analog and digital multichannel
outputs. Thanks to this direct drive, TV manufacturers can fully take advantage of sound
virtualizers such as TruSurround XT (with TruSurround XT 5.1 Digital differentiated logo)
and ST Omnisurround, or be the first to feature the brand new SRS TruSurround HD, which
STMicroelectronics is the first to embed in an IC. Should the Dolby decoder provide only
Left Total/ Right Total (Lt/Rt) signal, an embedded Dolby ProLogic decoder is aimed to
provide the same output quality as with 5.1 inputs.

 New consumer application emergences, in particular the flat screen TV market, bring new
audio challenges to overcome and require more specific dedicated audio compensation
tools such as Smart Volume Control (SVC) compressor/expender on headphone and
loudspeakers, anticlipping, 3-bands parametric and 5-band graphic equalizer for a better
acoustic compensation.

 In addition to the STV83xy family, a complete digital audio (demodulation, sound processor,
audio amplifier) solution for TV can be used thanks to ST digital class D amplifier STA333
family, with additional equalization capability if required.
STMicroelectronics provides a C reference code for the TV controller to facilitate the
integration in the application software.
STV83x7 and STV83x8 are fully hardware and software compatible to answer platform
uniformization strategy.

 To support our customers with an efficient evaluation stage, STMicroelectronics provides an
evaluation bundle with board and software, a comprehensive documentation and application
STV83xy products are available in two (2) packages, LQFP100 and LQFP80 14x14. Both
are pin to pin compatible with the previous product generation.

Typical applications of the STV83xy TV sound processor family are as follows:
● analog flat panel TV
● digital ready flat panel TV
● integrated digital flat TV
● integrated digital flat TV with integrated hard drive (PVR)


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✔ Ethernet - 10/100 Base T
✔ Computer I/O Ports - SCSI, FireWire & USB
✔ Set-Top Box Protection
✔ Video Card

✔ 61000-4-2 (ESD): Air - 15kV, Contact - 8kV
✔ 61000-4-4 (EFT): 40A - 5/50ns
✔ 61000-4-5 (Surge): 24A, 8/20µs - Level 2(Line-Gnd) & Level 3(Line-Line)

✔ 500 Watts Peak Pulse Power per Line (tp=8/20µs)
✔ Unidirectional Configuration
✔ Available in 4 Voltage Types: 3.3V to 15V
✔ Protects Up to Four (4) I/O Ports
✔ ESD Protection > 40 kilovolts
✔ Low Capacitance: 15pF
✔ RoHS Compliant

✔ Molded JEDEC SO-8
✔ Weight 70 milligrams (Approximate)
✔ Available in Lead-Free Pure-Tin Plating(Annealed)
✔ Solder Reflow Temperature: Pure-Tin - Sn, 100: 260-270°C
✔ Consult Factory for Leaded Device Availability
✔ Flammability Rating UL 94V-0
✔ 12mm Tape and Reel Per EIA Standard 481
✔ Marking: Marking Code, Logo, Date Code & Pin One Defined By Dot on Top of Package

PSRDA3.3-4 PSRDA05-4 PSRDA12-4 PSRDA15-4
TAG Array, Combo, Diode, TV

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* Integrated Monolithic Upconverter
* Compatible with all digital and analog modulation types
* 5 Volt Operation
* Low Power Consumption
* Low Noise Figure
* High Conversion Gain
* Low Distortion
* Excellent Oscillator Purity and Phase Noise
* Remote Shutdown Feature
* Small Size
* Low Cost
* High Reliability

The ACU50752 is a Monolithic GaAs IC designed to perform the upconverter functions in a double conversion tuner: gain block, local oscillator and balanced mixer. The specifications meet the requirements of CATV, TV and Cable Modem applications. Supplied in a 16-lead SOIC
package and requiring only a single polarity 5 V supply (o  3.5 V, with slightly reducedperformance), the IC is well suited in situations where smal l size, low cost, low auxiliary parts count and a no-compromise performance is important.
It provides tuner manufacturers the opportunity to reduce cost by lowering the component count and decreasing the amount of labor-intensive production alignment steps, while significantly improving performance and reliability.

TAG cable, catv, Modem, TV

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Available in TDA8360, TDA8361 and TDA8362
· Vision IF amplifier with high sensitivity and good differential gain and phase
· Multistandard FM sound demodulator (4.5 MHz to 6.5 MHz)
· Integrated chrominance trap and bandpass filters (automatically calibrated)
· Integrated luminance delay line
· RGB control circuit with linear RGB inputs and fast blanking
· Horizontal synchronization with two control loops and alignment-free horizontal oscillator without external components
· Vertical count-down circuit (50/60 Hz) and vertical preamplifier
· Low dissipation (700 mW)
· Small amount of peripheral components compared with competition ICs
· Only one adjustment (vision IF demodulator)
· The supply voltage for the ICs is 8 V. They are mounted in a shrink DIL envelope with 52 pins and are pin compatible.

Additional features
· Alignment-free PAL colour decoder for all PAL standards, including PAL-N and PAL-M.
· PAL/NTSC colour decoder with automatic search system
· Source selection for external audio/video (A/V) inputs (separate Y/C signals can also be applied).
· Multistandard vision IF circuit (positive and negative modulation)
· PAL/NTSC colour decoder with automatic search system · Source selection for external A/V inputs (separate Y/C signals can also be applied)
· Easy interfacing with the TDA8395 (SECAM decoder) for multistandard applications.

The TDA8360, TDA8361 and TDA8362 are single-chip TV processors which contain nearly all small signal functions that are required for a colour television receiver. For a complete receiver the following circuits need to be added: a base-band delay line (TDA4661), a tuner and output stages for audio, video and horizontal and vertical deflection. Because of the different functional contents of the ICs the set maker can make the optimum choice depending on the requirements for the receiver. The TDA8360 is intended for simple PAL receivers (all PAL standards, including PAL-N and PAL-M are possible). The TDA8361 contains a PAL/NTSC decoder and has an A/V switch. For real multistandard applications the TDA8362 is available. In addition to the extra functions which are available in the TDA8361, the TDA8362 can handle signals with positive modulation and it supplies the signals which are required for the SECAM decoder TDA8395.

TDA8360 TDA8361 TDA8362

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The TDA8172 is a monolithic integrated circuit in HEPTAWATTTM package. It is a high efficiency power booster for direct driving of vertical windings of TV yokes. It is intended for use in Color and B & W television as well as in monitors and displays.

The power dissipated in the circuit must be removed by adding an external heatsink. Thanks to the HEPTAWATTTM package attaching the heatsink is very simple, a screw or a compression spring (clip) being sufficient. Between the heatsink and the package it is better to insert a layer of silicon grease, to optimize the thermal contact ; no electrical isolation is needed between the two surfaces, since the tab is connected to Pin 4 which is ground.

TAG Output, TV

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