The LXT362 is a fully integrated, combination transceiver for T1 ISDN Primary Rate Interface and general T1 long and short haul applications. It operates over 22 AWG twisted-pair cables from 0 to 6 kft and offers Line Build Outs and pulse equalization settings for all T1 Line Interface Unit (LIU) applications.
LXT362 provides both a serial port for microprocessor control (Host mode) as well as standalone operation (Hardware mode). The device incorporates advanced crystal-less digital jitter attenuation in either the transmit or receive data path starting at 3 Hz. B8ZS encoding/decoding and unipolar or bipolar data I/O are selectable. Loss of signal monitoring and a variety of diagnostic loopback modes can also be selected.

Product Features
*Fully integrated transceiver for Long or Short-Haul T1 interfaces
-Crystal-less digital jitter attenuation
-Select either transmit or receive path
*No crystal or high speed external clock required
*Meets or exceeds specifications in ANSI T1.102, T1.403 and T1.408; and AT&T Pub 62411
*Supports 100 Ω (T1 twisted-pair) applications
*Selectable receiver sensitivity – fully restores the received signal after transmission through a cable with attenuation of either 0 to 26 dB, or 0 to 36 dB @ 772 kHz
*Five Pulse Equalization Settings for T1 short-haul applications
*Four Line Build-Outs for T1 long-haul applications from 0 dB to -22.5 dB
*Transmit/receive performance monitors with Driver Fail Monitor Open and Loss of Signal outputs
*Selectable unipolar or bipolar data I/O and B8ZS encoding/decoding
*Line attenuation indication output in 2.9 dB steps
*QRSS generator/detector for testing or monitoring
*Local, remote, and analog loopback, plus in-band network loopback code generation and detection
*Multiple register serial interface for microprocessor control
*Available in 28-pin PLCC, 44-pin PQFP, and 44-pin LQFP packages

*ISDN Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI)
*CSU/NTU interface to T1 Service
*Wireless Base Station interface
*T1 LAN/WAN bridge/routers
*T1 Mux; Channel Banks
*Digital Loop Carrier - Subscriber Carrier Systems


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