The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is a microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuit that integrates a myriad of components involved in discrete solutions to monitor power-supply and battery-control functions in µP and digital systems. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M offers complete µP monitoring and watchdog functions. The SP691A/693A/800L/800M is ideal for a low-cost battery management solution and is well suited for portable, battery-powered applications with its supply current of 35µA. The 6ns chip-enable propagation delay, the 25mA current output in battery-backup mode, and the 250mA current output in standard operation also makes the SP691A/693A/800L/800M suitable for larger scale, high-performance equipment.

*Precision 4.65V/4.40V Voltage Monitoring
*200ms Or Adjustable Reset Time
*100ms, 1.6s Or Adjustable Watchdog Time
*60µA Maximum Operating Supply Current
*2.0µA Maximum Battery Backup Current
*0.1µA Maximum Battery Standby Current
*Power Switching
-250mA Output in Vcc Mode (0.6Ω)
-25mA Output in Battery Mode (5Ω)
*On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals Memory Write-Cycle Completion 6ns CE Gate Propagation Delay
*Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery
*Backup-Battery Monitor
*RESET Valid to Vcc=1V
*1% Accuracy Guaranteed (SP800L/800M)
*Pin Compatible Upgrade to MAX691A/693A/800L/800M

SP693A, SP800L, SP800M, SP691ACP, SP693ACP, SP800LCP, SP800MCP

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