*SLIM™ Architecture, allowing simultaneous and independent data paths between Processor & USB and between USB & Mass Storage
*High-Speed USB at 480 Mbps
- USB 2.0 compliant
- Integrated USB 2.0 transceiver, smart Serial Interface Engine
- 16 programmable endpoints
*Mass Storage device support
- NAND flash: x8 or x16, SLC
- Full NAND management (ECC, wear-leveling)
*Memory-mapped interface to main processor
*DMA slave support
*Ultra low-power, 1.8V core operation
*Low Power Modes
*Small footprint, 6x6mm VFBGA
*Selectable Clock Input Frequencies
- 19.2 MHz, 24 MHz, 26 MHz, 48 MHz

*Cellular Phones
*Portable Media Players
*Personal Digital Assistants
*Digital Cameras
*Portable Video Recorder

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