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  1. 2008/05/06 XE2420G - Smallest World-Wide 2400 BPS Modem
 Xecom’s XE2420G offers unprecedented design flexibility.
It provides a global common communications solution in the smallest available package.
The XE2420G fits a standard 68-Pin PLCC socket and can be socketed or soldered onto the board in an automated assembly process.
The XE2420G allows incorporation of a dial-up access where no other modem will fit.
The surface mount package and small size of the XE2420G are particularly impressive because it is a complete modem.
The DAA, RAM, Crystal; everything is included.
Like all Xecom modems, the XE2420G includes transferrable FCC Part 68 Registration.
No 2400 BPS modem incorporates more features than the XE2420G.
The XE2420G is one of the few low-speed modems available with built-in error correction .
The XE2420G incorporates both a sleep mode and power down mode making it ideal for battery powered applications.
The XE2420G also incorporates Handset Interrupt to prevent conflicts in shared line applications.

* Small Size: The HyPLCC™ measures less than 1 inch by 1 inch square and 0.350 inches thick
* Surface-mountable: The HyPLCC™ package is equivalent to a 68-Pin PLCC device.
* Data transfer from 300 to 2400 BPS using V.22bis, V.22, V.23, V.21, Bell 212A, and Bell 103 Protocols
* Modem Control and Configuration via industry standard AT Commands.
* Supports V.42 and MNP error correction;
* Complete integrated solid-state DAA includes, Ring Detect, Loop Current Holding Circuit, Hook Switch and Metallic Surge Protection;
* User Transferrable FCC Part 68 Registration
* Complies with telephone networks around the world.
* UL60950 Recognition
* Handset Interrupt detects parallel telephone pick -up
* Low Power operation, typically less than 100 mW, includes automatic sleep mode and power down operation

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