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  1. 2007/03/20 MCH154A103J - 1005(0402)Size chip capacitors : MCH15
* Miniture, light weight
* Suitable for mobile devices
* Lead-free plating terminal
* No polarity

■ Quick Reference
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Before ordering or using, please check the latest technical specifications. For more detail information regarding temperature characteristic code and packaging style code, please check product destination.

MCH155A0R5C MCH155AR75C MCH155A010C MCH155A1R1C MCH155A1R2C MCH155A1R3C
MCH155A1R5C MCH155A1R6C MCH155A1R8C MCH155A020C MCH155A110J MCH155A120J
MCH155A130J MCH155A150J MCH155A160J MCH155A180J MCH155A200J MCH155A220J
MCH155A240J MCH155A270J

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