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  1. 2008/10/09 SGL-0622Z - 100-4000 MHz Low Noise Amplifier Silicon Germanium
Product Description
The SGL-0622 is a low power, high gain, fully matched LNA designed for 0.1 - 4GHz operation. This LNA is designed for low power, 2.7 to 3.6V battery operation. This amplifer is fully matched and requires only 4-5 external components to achieve 28.5 dB gain at 1.575 GHz and a noise figure of 1.5dB. This RFIC is fabricated using Silicon Germanium technology.
The matte tin finish on Sirenza’s lead-free “Z” package is applied using a post annealing process to mitigate tin whisker formation and is RoHS compliant per EU Directive 2002/95. The package body is manufactured with green molding compounds that contain no antimony trioxide or halogenated fire retardants.

Product Features
*Lead Free, RoHS Compliant & Green Package
*High Gain and Low Noise, 28.5dB and 1.5dB respectively @ 1575MHz
*Low Power Consumption, 9mA @ 3.3V
*Fully Matched LNA, only 4-5 external components
*Operates from 2.7 to 3.6V
*Small Package: 2x2 QFN
*High input overdrive capability, +18dBm

*High Gain GPS Receivers

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