The MPX2102 series devices are silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors providing a highly accurate and linear voltage output directly proportional to the applied pressure. The sensor is a single, monolithic silicon diaphragm with the strain gauge and a thin-film resistor network integrated on-chip. The chip is laser trimmed for precise span and offset calibration and temperature compensation.

*Temperature Compensated Over 0°C to +85°C
*Easy-to-Use Chip Carrier Package Options
*Available in Absolute, Differential and Gauge Configurations
*Absolute, Differential and Gauge Options

Application Examples
*Pump/Motor Control
*Level Detectors
*Medical Diagnostics
*Pressure Switching

MPX2102A, MPX2102DP, MPX2102AP, MPX2102GP, MPX2102ASX, MPX2102GVP

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Alpha’s product line of silicon Schottky diode chips are intended for use as detector and mixer devices in hybrid integrated circuits at frequencies from below 100 MHz to higher than 40 GHz. Alpha’s “Universal Chip” design features a 4 mil diameter bond pad that is offset from the semiconductor junction preventing damage to the active junction as a result of wire bonding.
As power-sensing detectors, these Schottky diode chips all have the same voltage sensitivity so long as the output video impedance is much higher than the video resistance of the diode. Figure 1 shows the expected detected voltage sensitivity as a function of RF source impedance in an untuned circuit. Note that sensitivity is substantially increased by transforming the source
impedance from 50 Ω to higher values. Maximum sensitivity occurs when the source impedance equals the video resistance.
In a detector circuit operating at zero bias, depending on the video load impedance, a ZBD device with RV less than 10 kΩ may be more sensitive than a low barrier diode with RV greater than 100 kΩ. Applying forward bias reduces the diode video resistance as shown in Figure 2. Lower video resistance also increases the video bandwidth but does not increase voltage sensitivity, as shown in Figure 3. Biased Schottky diodes have better temperature stability and also may be used in temperature compensated detector circuits.
P-type Schottky diodes generate lower 1/F noise and are preferred for Doppler mixers and biased detector applications. The bond pad for the P-type Schottky diode is the cathode. N-type Schottky diodes have lower parasitic resistance, RS, and will perform with lower conversion loss in mixer circuits. The bond pad for the N-type Schottky diode is the anode.

*For Detector and Mixer Applications
*Low Capacitance for Usage Beyond 40 GHz
*ZBD and Low Barrier Designs
*P-Type and N-Type Junctions
*Large Bond Pad Chip Design

CDC7631-000, CDB7619-000, CDB7620-000, CDF7621-000, CDF7623-000

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*High total power dissipation. (625mW)
*High collector current. (-500mA)
*Excellent hFE linearity
*Complementary to UTC 9013

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This new 4th generation ultra low saturation transistor utilises the Zetex matrix structure combined with advanced assembly techniques to give extremely low on state losses.
This makes it ideal for high efficiency, low voltage switching applications.

* Extremely Low Equivalent On Resistance
* Extremely Low Saturation Voltage
* hFE characterised up to 5A
* IC=2A Continuous Collector Current
* MSOP8 package

* DC - DC Converters
* Power Management Functions
* Power switches
* Motor control


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The SP725 is an array of SCR/Diode bipolarstructures for ESD and overvoltage protection of sensitive inputs circuits.
The SP725 has 2 protection SCR/Diode device structures per input.
There are a total of 4 available inputs that can be used to protect up to 4 external signal or bus lines.
Overvoltage protection is from the IN (Pins 1 - 4) to V+ or V-.
The SCR structures are dusigned for fast triggering at athreshold of one +VBE diode threshold above V+ (Pin 5,6) or one -VBE diode threshold below V- (Pin 7,8).
From an IN input, a clamp to V+ is activated if a transient pulse causes the input to be increased to a voltage level greater than one VBE above V+.
A similar clamp to V- is activated if a negative pulse, one VBE less than V-, is applied to an IN input.
Refer to Fig 1 and Table 1 for further detaels.
Refer to Application Note AN9304 and AN9612 for furter detail.

* ESD interface per HBM Standards
- IEC 61000-4-2, Direct Discharge...........8kV (Level 4)
- IEC 61000-4-2, Air Discharge..............15kV (Level 4)
- MIL-STD-3015.7.............................................25kV
* Peak Current Capability
- IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 ㎲ Peak Pulse Current.....± 14 A
- Single Transeint Pulse, 100㎲ Pulse Width ......± 8 A
* Designes to Provede Over-Voltage Protection
- Single-Ended Voltage Range to .....................+ 30V
- Differential Voltage Range to...........................±15V
* Fast Switching....................................2ns Risetime
* Low input Leakages..................5 nA at 25˚C Typical
* Low input Capacitance.........................5 ㎊ Typical
* An Array of 4 SCR/Diode Pairs
* Operating Temperature Range...........-40 ˚C to 105 ˚C

* Microprocessor/Logic
* Data Bus Protection
* Analog Device input Protection
* Voltage Clamp


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The SM5102 is a silicon micro-machined, piezoresistive pressure-sensing chip. These devices are available in full-scale ranges from 5 to 300 psi and are ideal for OEM and high volume applications.
Provided in die form, these sensors can be mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates as part of an OEM system. They also may be packaged into proprietary, or application specific sensor lines.
Die are probed, inked and diced, and shipped on tape.
Custom pressure ranges available in highvolume applications. Field-shield, high stability parts are also available on a custom-bases.

• High Volume, Low Cost
• Gage and Absolute Versions
• Constant Current or Constant Voltage Drive
• Millivolt Output
• 5, 15, 30, 60, 100 and 300 PSI Ranges Available

• Altimeters
• Tire Gauges
• Medical Instrumentation
• Industrial Sensors
• Diving Modules
• Home Appliances


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The TPS853 is an ultra-compact surface-mount photo-IC for illuminance sensors which incorporates a photodiode and current amp circuit in a single chip.
The sensitivity is superior to that of a phototransistor, and exhibits little variation. It has spectral sensitivity closer to luminous efficiency and excellent output linearity.
With its ultra-compact surface-mount package, this photo-IC can be used as the power-saving control for domestic appliances or for backlighting for displays in cellular phones, this device enables low power consumption to be achieved.

· Ultra-compact and light surface-mount package suitable for lead-free soldering and reflow soldering: 2.0 × 2.1 × 0.7 mm
· Excellent output linearity of illuminance
· Little fluctuation in light current and high level of sensitivity
: IL = 37 μA to 74 μA @EV = 100 lx using fluorescent light
: Light current variation width: ×1.67 (when light current classification is specified.)
: Little temperature fluctuation
· Built-in luminous-efficiency correction function, reduced sensitivity variations due to various light sources
: IL (using incandescent light)/IL (using fluorescent light) = 1.2 (typ.)
· Low supply voltage, making device suitable for battery-powered equipment: VCC = 2.2 V to 5.5 V
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The MPVZ5010G series piezoresistive transducers are state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensors designed for the appliance, consumer, healthcare, industrial and automotive market. The analog output can be read directly into the A/D input of Freescale microcontrollers. This transducer combines advanced micromachining techniques, thin-film metallization, and bipolar processing to provide an accurate, high level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure. The axial port has been modified to accommodate industrial grade tubing.

* 5.0% Maximum Error over 0° to 85°C
* Temperature Compensated over -40° to +125°C
* Durable Thermoplastic (PPS) Package
* Available in Surface Mount (SMT) or Through-hole (DIP) Configurations

Application Examples
* Washing Machine Water Level Measurement (Reference AN1950)
* Ideally Suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller-Based Systems
* Appliance Liquid Level and Pressure Measurement
* Respiratory Equipment


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• For surface mounted applications in order to optimize board space.
• Low profile package
• Built-in strain relief
• Glass passivated junction
• Low inductance
• Typical IR less than 5.0μA above 11V
• Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-O
• High temperature soldering : 260°C /10 seconds at terminals
• Pb free product are available : 99% Sn above can meet Rohs environment substance directive request

Case: JEDEC DO-214AC,Molded plastic over passivated junction.
Terminals: Solder plated,solderable per MIL-STD-202G, Method 208
Polarity: Color band denotes positive end (cathode)
Standard Packaging:12mm tape (EIA-481)
Weight: 0.002 ounce, 0.064 gram

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Semicoa Semiconductors offers
• Screening and processing per MIL-PRF-19500 Appendix E
• JAN level (2N2218AJ)
• JANTX level (2N2218AJX)
• JANTXV level (2N2218AJV)
• QCI to the applicable level
• 100% die visual inspection per MIL-STD-750 method 2072 for JANTXV
• Radiation testing (total dose) upon request

• General purpose
• Low power
• NPN silicon transistor

• Hermetically sealed TO-39 metal can
• Also available in chip configuration
• Chip geometry 0400
• Reference document:

• Qualification Levels: JAN, JANTX, and JANTXV
• Radiation testing available

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