General Description
The AP7115 is a 150mA, fixed output voltage, low dropout linear regulator. The device includes pass element, error amplifier, band gap reference, current-limit and thermal shutdown circuit. The characteristics of low dropout voltage and low quiescent current make it suitable for use in battery powered devices. The typical quiescent current is approximately 50μA. Several fixed output voltages are available from 1.0V to 3.5V. Additional protection is provided with built-in current-limit and thermal-shutdown functions.

*Wide input voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V
*200mV low dropout voltage at 150mA output current
*Guaranteed 150mA output current.
*Low quiescent current 50μA
*Output voltage from 1.0V to 3.5V
*±2% output voltage accuracy
*Low temperature drift at output voltage
*High PSRR
*Fast transient response
*Current limit protection
*Short circuit protection
*Thermal shutdown protection
*SOT25 and SOT353: Available in “Green” Molding Compound (No Br, Sb)
*Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant (Note 1)

*Wireless Communication
*GSM/GPRS Cellular Phones
*Handheld Mobile Devices
*Battery Powered Devices
*CD-ROM, DVD, and LAN Cards
*PC and Notebook Peripherals

AP7115-10WG-7, AP7115-12WG-7, AP7115-10SEG-7, AP7115-12SEG-7

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General Description
The EMC1422 is a high accuracy, low cost, System Management Bus (SMBus) temperature sensor. Advanced features such as Resistance Error Correction (REC), Beta Compensation (to support CPU diodes requiring the BJT/transistor model including 45nm, 65nm and 90nm processors) and automatic diode type detection combine to provide a robust solution for complex environmental monitoring applications.
Additionally, the EMC1422 provides a hardware programmable system shutdown feature that is programmed at part power-up via two pull-up resistor values and that cannot be masked or corrupted through the SMBus.
Each device provides ±1° accuracy for external diode temperatures and ±2°C accuracy for the internal diode temperature. The EMC1422 monitors two temperature channels (one external and one internal).
Resistance Error Correction automatically eliminates the temperature error caused by series resistance allowing greater flexibility in routing thermal diodes. Beta Compensation eliminates temperature errors caused by low, variable beta transistors common in today's fine geometry processors. The automatic beta detection feature monitors the external diode/transistor and determines the optimum sensor settings for accurate temperature measurements regardless of processor technology. This frees the user from providing unique sensor configurations for each temperature monitoring application. These advanced features plus ±1°C measurement accuracy provide a low-cost, highly flexible and accurate solution for critical temperature monitoring applications.

*Hardware Thermal Shutdown
-triggers dedicated SYS_SHDN pin
-hardware configured range 77°C to 112°C in 1°C steps
-cannot be disabled or modified by software
*Support for diodes requiring the BJT/transistor model
*Designed to support 45nm processors
*Support for 90nm and 65nm CPU diodes
*Pin compatible with ADM1032, MAX6649, and LM99
*Automatically determines external diode type and optimal settings
*Resistance Error Correction
*External Temperature Monitors
-±1°C Accuracy (60°C < TDIODE < 100°C)
-0.125°C Resolution
-Supports up to 2.2nF diode filter capacitor
*Internal Temperature Monitor
-±2°C accuracy
*3.3V Supply Voltage
*Programmable temperature limits for ALERT
*Small 8-pin MSOP Lead-free RoHS Compliant Package

*Notebook Computers
*Desktop Computers
*Embedded applications


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General Description
The TC1031 is a low-power comparator and voltage reference designed specifically for low-power applications. The TC1031 is designed for operation from a single supply, however operation from dual supplies is also possible. The power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage. The TC1031 can operate from two 1.5V alkaline cells, and operation is ensured to VDD = 1.8V. Typical active supply current is 6μA. Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs allow operation from low supply voltages with large input and output signal swings.
The TC1031 provides a simple method for adding useradjustable hysteresis without feedback or complex external circuitry. Hysteresis is adjusted with a simple resistor divider on the HYST input. A shutdown input, SHDN, disables the comparator and voltage reference and reduces supply current to less than 0.1μA (maximum) when taken low.
The TC1031 is packaged in a space-saving 8-Pin MSOP, making it ideal for applications requiring high integration, small size and low power.

*Combines Comparator and Voltage Reference in a Single Package
*Optimized for Single Supply Operation
*Small Package: 8-Pin MSOP
*Ultra Low Input Bias Current: Less than 100pA
*Low Quiescent Current, Active: 6μA (Typ.), Shutdown Mode: 0.1μA (Typ.)
*Rail-to-Rail Inputs and Outputs
*Operates Down to VDD = 1.8V
*Programmable Hysteresis

*Power Management Circuits
*Battery Operated Equipment
*Consumer Products


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The LTC®2355-12/LTC2355-14 are 12-bit/14-bit, 3.5Msps serial ADCs with differential inputs. The devices draw only 5.5mA from a single 3.3V supply and come in a tiny 10-lead MSOP package. A Sleep shutdown feature further reduces power consumption to 13µW. The combination of speed, low power and tiny package makes the LTC2355-12/LTC2355-14 suitable for high speed, portable applications.
The 80dB common mode rejection allows users to eliminate ground loops and common mode noise by measuring signals differentially from the source. The devices convert 0V to 2.5V unipolar inputs differentially.
The absolute voltage swing for AIN+ and AIN– extends from ground to the supply voltage.
The serial interface sends out the conversion results during the 16 clock cycles following a CONV rising edge for compatibility with standard serial interfaces. If two additional clock cycles for acquisition time are allowed after the data stream in between conversions, the full sampling rate of 3.5Msps can be achieved with a 63MHz clock.

*3.5Msps Conversion Rate
*74.2dB SINAD at 14-Bits, 71.1dB SINAD at 12-Bits
*Low Power Dissipation: 18mW
*3.3V Single Supply Operation
*2.5V Internal Bandgap Reference can be Overdriven
*3-Wire SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
*Sleep (13µW) Shutdown Mode
*Nap (4mW) Shutdown Mode
*80dB Common Mode Rejection
*0V to 2.5V Unipolar Input Range
*Tiny 10-Lead MSOP Package

*Data Acquisition Systems
*Uninterrupted Power Supplies
*Multiphase Motor Control
*Multiplexed Data Acquisition

LTC2355CMSE-12, LTC2355IMSE-12, LTC2355CMSE-14, LTC2355IMSE-14

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General Description
The MAX8741/MAX8742 are buck-topology, step-down, switch-mode, power-supply controllers that generate logic-supply voltages in battery-powered systems. These high-performance, dual/triple-output devices include onboard power-up sequencing, power-good signaling with
delay, digital soft-start, secondary winding control, lowdropout circuitry, internal frequency-compensation networks, and automatic bootstrapping.
Up to 97% efficiency is achieved through synchronous rectification and Maxim’s proprietary Idle Mode™ control scheme. Efficiency is greater than 80% over a 1000:1 load-current range, which extends battery life in system suspend or standby mode. Excellent dynamic response corrects output load transients within five clock cycles.
Strong 1A on-board gate drivers ensure fast external n-channel MOSFET switching.
These devices feature a logic-controlled and synchronizable, fixed-frequency, pulse-width-modulation (PWM) operating mode. This reduces noise and RF interference in sensitive mobile communications and pen-entry applications.
Asserting the SKIP pin enables fixed-frequency mode, for lowest noise under all load onditions.
The MAX8741/MAX8742 include two PWM regulators, adjustable from 2.5V to 5.5V with fixed 5.0V and 3.3V modes. All these devices include secondary feedback regulation, and the MAX8742 contains a 12V/120mA linear regulator. The MAX8741 includes a secondary feedback
input (SECFB), plus a control pin (STEER) that selects which PWM (3.3V or 5V) receives the secondary feedback signal. SECFB provides a method for adjusting the secondary winding voltage regulation point with an external resistor-divider, and is intended to aid in creating
auxiliary voltages other than fixed 12V.
The MAX8741/MAX8742 contain internal output overvoltage- and undervoltage-protection features.

*97% Efficiency
*4.2V to 30V Input Range
*2.5V to 5.5V Dual Adjustable Outputs
*Selectable 3.3V and 5V Fixed or Adjustable Outputs (Dual Mode™)
*12V Linear Regulator
*Adjustable Secondary Feedback (MAX8741)
*5V/50mA Linear-Regulator Output
*Precision 2.5V Reference Output
*Programmable Power-Up Sequencing
*Power-Good (RESET) Output
*Output Overvoltage Protection
*Output Undervoltage Shutdown
*333kHz/500kHz Low-Noise, Fixed-Frequency Operation
*Low-Dropout, 98% Duty-Factor Operation
*2.5mW Typical Quiescent Power (12V Input, Both SMPSs On)
*4μA Typical Shutdown Current

*Notebook and Subnotebook Computers
*PDAs and Mobile Communicators
*Desktop CPU Local DC-DC Converters


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The LTC®1481 is an ultralow power differential line transceiver designed for data transmission standard RS485 applications. It will also meet the requirements of RS422.
The CMOS design offers significant power savings over its bipolar counterparts without sacrificing ruggedness against overload or ESD damage. Typical quiescent current is only
80mA while operating and less than 1mA in shutdown.
The driver and receiver feature three-state outputs, with the driver outputs maintaining high impedance over the entire common mode range. Excessive power dissipation caused by bus contention or faults is prevented by a thermal shutdown circuit which forces the driver outputs into a high impedance state. The receiver has a fail-safe feature which guarantees a high output state when the inputs are left open.
The LTC1481 is fully specified over the commercial and extended industrial temperature range and is available in 8-pin PDIP and SO packages.

*Low Power: ICC = 120mA Max with Driver Disabled
*Drivers/Receivers Have ±10kV ESD Protection
*1mA Quiescent Current in Shutdown Mode
*High Speed: Up to 2.5Mbits/s Data Rate
*ICC = 500mA Max with Driver Enabled, No Load
*Single 5V Supply
*–7V to 12V Common Mode Range Permits ±7V Ground Difference Between Devices on the Data Line
*Thermal Shutdown Protection
*Power Up/Down Glitch-Free Driver Outputs Permit Live Insertion or Removal of Transceiver
*Driver Maintains High Impedance in Three-State or with the Power Off
*Up to 32 Transceivers on the Bus
*30ns Typical Driver Propagation Delays with 5ns Skew
*Pin Compatible with the LTC485

*Battery-Powered RS485/RS422 Applications
*Low Power RS485/RS422 Transceiver
*Level Translator

LTC1481CN8, LTC1481IN8, LTC1481CS8, LTC1481IS8

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The APE8805A is a low dropout, positive linear regulator with very low quiescent current. The APE8805A can supply 600mA output current with low dropout voltage at about 600mV. The BP pin with a 10nF bypass capacitor can help reduce the output noise level. The shutdown function can provide remote control for the external signal to decide the on/off state of APE8805A. With a logic high level at SHDN pin, the device is in the on state, and vice versa.
The APE8805A regulator is able to operate with output capacitors as small as 1μF for stability. Other than the current limit protection, APE8805A also offers the on chip thermal shutdown feature providing protection against overload or any condition when the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum junction temperature.
The APE8805A offers high precision output voltage of ± 2%. It is available in fixed output voltages including 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.0V, and 3.3V.
The APE8805A is housed in low-profile, space-saving 5-lead SOT-23-5 package.

* Low Dropout Voltage of 600mV at 600mA
* Guaranteed 600mA Output Current
* Very Low Quiescent Current at 30μA
* Max. ± 2% Output Voltage Accuracy
* Needs Only 1μF Capacitor for Stability
* Thermal Shutdown Protection
* Current Limit Protection
* Active Low Shutdown Control
* Low-ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability.
* Tiny package: SOT-23-5
* RoHS Compliant

* Wireless Devices
* LCD Modules
* Battery Power Systems
* Card Readers


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◆CMOS Low Power Consumption : 8μA (TYP.)
◆Maximum Output Current : More than 500mA
◆Current Limit Circuit Built-In
◆Thermal Shutdown Circuit Built-In
◆Ceramic Capacitor Compatible
◆SOT-89-, SOT-26 Packages

●DVD, CD-ROM, HDD drive equipment
●Portable AV equipment (Cameras, VCRs, etc.)
●Wireless Communication equipment
(Mobile & Cordless phone, etc.)
●Desktop computers, Note book computer, PDAs
●Network equipment (Wireless LAN etc.)
●Reference voltage
●Battery powered equipment

 The XC6214 series are highly precise, low noise, high current, positive voltage low dropout regulators. They are fabricated using Torex’s CMOS process. The series features a voltage
reference, an error amplifier, a current limiter, a thermal protection circuit, and a phase compensation circuit plus a driver transistor.
 The output voltage is selectable in 100mV increments within the range of 1.5V to 5.0V. (Output voltage 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.0V and 3.3V are standard products. Other than these voltages are available as semi-custom products.)
The series is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors, which give added output stability. This stability can be maintained even during load fluctuations due to the excellent
transient response of the series.

 The over current protection circuit and the thermal shutdown circuit are built in. The over current protection circuit will operate when the output current reaches current limit level.
The thermal shutdown circuit will operate when the junction temperature reaches temperature limit level.

Maximum Output Current : More than 500mA (800mA limit)
Dropout Voltage : 500mV @ IOUT = 500mA (VOUT=3.3V)
Operating Voltage Range : 1.8V ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage : 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V (standard) Other voltages between 1.5V to 5.0V (semi-custom)
High Accuracy : Setting voltage accuracy ±2%
Low Power Consumption: 8μA (TYP.)
Ripple Rejection Rate: 40dB @ 1kHz
Operating Temperature Range : - 40℃ ~ 85℃
Packages : SOT-26 SOT-89

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