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  1. 2009/05/04 CE6313 - DVB-S Satellite Demodulator
  2. 2009/01/13 CE5037 - Digital Satellite Tuner with RF Bypass
The CE6313 is a QPSK/BPSK 1 - 45 MSps demodulator and channel decoder for digital satellite television transmissions to the European Broadcast Union ETS 300 421 specification. It receives analogue I and Q signals from the tuner, digitises and digitally demodulates this signal, implements the complete DVB/DSS FEC (Forward Error Correction) and descrambling function. The output is in the form of MPEG2 or DSS transport stream data packets. The CE6313 also provides automatic gain control to the RF front-end device.
The CE6313 has a serial 2-wire bus interface to the control microprocessor. Minimal software is required to control the CE6313 because of the built in automatic search and decode control functions.

*Conforms to EBU specification for DVB-S and DirecTV specification for DSS
*On-chip digital filtering supports 1 - 45 MSps symbol rates
*On-chip 60 or 90 MHz dual-ADC
*High speed scanning mode for blind symbol rate/code rate acquisition
*Automatic spectral inversion resolution
*High level software interface for minimum development time
*Up to ±22.5 MHz LNB frequency tracking
*DiSEqC™ v2.2: receive/transmit for full control of LNB, dish and other components
*Compact 64-pin LQFP package (7 x 7 mm)
*A full DVB-S front-end reference design is available, ref. CE9541

*DVB 1 - 45 MSps compliant satellite receivers
*DSS 20 MSps compliant satellite receivers
*SMATV (Single Master Antenna TV) transmodulators
*Satellite PC applications

DJCE6313, WJCE6313

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The CE5037 is a fully integrated direct conversion tuner for digital satellite receiver systems. It provides excellent immunity to composite undesired channels. The device also contains a RF Bypass for connecting to a second receiver module.
The CE5037 is simple to use, requiring no alignment or tuning algorithms and uses a minimum number of external components. The device is programmable via a I2C compatible bus.
The CE5037 is qualified for DVB-S2 8PSK receiver applications A complete reference design (CE9542) is available using CE6313 demodulator.

*Direct conversion tuner for quadrature down conversion from L-band to Zero IF
*Symbol rate 1-45 MS/s
*High sensitivity < -83 dBm at 27.5 MS/s Code rate 7/8
*Independent RF AGC and baseband gain control
*Fifth order baseband filters with bandwidth adjustable from 6 to 43 MHz
*Fully integrated alignment-free low phase noise local oscillator
*Selectable RF Bypass
*Low power consumption 0.5W at 3.3V.
*28 pin 5x5 mm QFN Package

*DVB-S PayTV satellite receivers
*DSS satellite receivers
*DVB-S2 8PSK satellite receivers

WGCE5037882557, WGCE5037SL9FV882558

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